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28 Dec Learning for the New Year: Top 10 Blogs in 2017

By Anna Murphy, Rubicon International

Oh 2017, what a year you have been! From an office snow day to summertime professional development, this has been a year to remember.

As we begin to look forward to 2018—or away from 2017—let us not forget to reflect. What did we learn and how did we grow? I learned the basics of upcycling, how to better teach math, and that dogs love PD! I also grew through conquering my fears and leading a training in my second language.

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Not just that, in working closely with Rubicon’s blog, I learned from different experts throughout the education industry. Teachers and leaders across the world contribute annually to our blog, sharing best practices, educational insights, and innovative solutions.

To wrap up 2017, we’ve gathered our top 10 most popular blogs from this last year. Maybe some inspired you with a new idea, maybe you wrote one, or maybe they are a last-minute opportunity to learn and grow this year!

Top Blogs by Guest Authors

students ownership of learning

“When we strive to create an environment of curiosity in the classroom and instill in our students the belief that they all have valuable contributions to make, chances are that we will see great things happen.” [Read the full blog here!]

distributive leadership for international school turnover

“Within every school there is a sleeping giant of teacher leadership, which can be a strong catalyst for making change. One of the main underlying principles of distributive leadership is trust, building relationships based on trust and respect.” [Read the full blog here!]

Top Blogs for Teachers

steam units

“By presenting students with “problems” they need to respond to through the creation of art, we’re not only modeling a more intentional way to explore the creative process, but also highlighting that art is a part of every-day life if you know where and how to look.” [Read the full blog here!]

Social Studies Curriculum and the C3 Framework

“Consider Anthony Roy’s quote: ‘We ask questions to begin to wonder, to begin to know. The more you get kids involved in social studies, the more it helps them develop a passion for their world.'” [Read the full blog here!]

Top Blogs for Leaders

documenting curriuclum
The Benefits of a Documented Curriculum
By Anna Murphy, Rubicon International

“And, most importantly, documenting curriculum improves student outcomes…Students benefit from organized curriculum held to a high expectation. Students benefit from teachers who work together. Students benefit from malleable, living curriculum. And, students benefit when teachers are empowered.” [Read the full blog here!]

change management
Inspire Your Team, Sustain Success: A Change Management Model
By Eliza Rothstein, Rubicon International

“Luckily, effective change is far from scary. With inspirational leaders at the helm, change is inviting, it’s fun, and it’s energizing. In addition to strong leadership, sustainable change requires a guiding vision, skilled team members, individual incentives, adequate resources, and a plan of action.” [Read the full blog here!]

Top Curriculum Sparks

Standards-Based Grading
Standards-Based Grading & Converting To A Single Letter Grade
Spark Webinar led by Darby Meade, David Midkiff, and Gil Luna, Vancouver iTech Preparatory

“SBG offers the opportunity to improve student learning, acknowledging it is a process of growth towards proficiency. And, aligning SBG with traditional letter grades allows it to be an accessible grading method within schools.” [Read the full blog here!]

accreditation process
Accreditation: Easing The Process With Atlas
Spark Webinar led by Judy Kent, Academy at the Lakes (AATL)

“Although preparing for the site visit can be stressful and overwhelming, Judy noted that it was her favorite part of the accreditation process because she was able to use Atlas to keep things simple and organized.” [Read the full blog here!]

Top Atlas-Centric Blogs

atlas reports

“Each report allows you to customize the information you are viewing to help make the report as focused as possible…You will be amazed by what you can learn!” [Read the full blog here!]

curriculum mapping templates
Before And After: Templates That Adjust With Time
By Kelby Zenor, Rubicon International

“A few shifts of language and the addition or removal of a category can have dramatic effects. Check out a few template make-overs!” [Read the full blog here!]

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