This World Teacher Day, Treat Yo’ Self

By Tarra Martin, Operations Extraordinaire

As Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford taught us on Parks and Recreation, once a year you should spend some time treating yourself. So why not indulge a little on World Teacher Day? Or as we’re calling it: Treat Yo’ Self 2018.

It’s the best day of the year. [singing] The best day of the year!

Tom and Donna are big fans of luxury products, and hey, that’s always a fine option. But, if you’re looking for other ideas, we’ve assembled ten more (budget-friendly!) ways our fabulous, hard-working educators can treat themselves this day.

Ten Ways to Treat Yo’ Self on World Teacher Day

1. Instead of your usual working lunch surrounded by students, take a true lunch break, all by yourself, and luxuriate in blissful solitude.

2. Or, arrange to take lunch with other teachers, where you can share field notes or just some laughs.

3. Indulge in new classroom supplies. You know those especially pretty whiteboard markers you’ve been eyeing? You guessed it: treat yo’ self.

4. Take some me-time and go for a hike. It’s a great way to clear your head, with nothing but nature and fresh air to distract you.

5. If the outdoors aren’t your thing, get a binge in and finally catch up on that TV show you’re behind on. Bonus level: don’t even try to grade assignments at the same time.

6. Switch up your weeknight routine (and prevent yourself from taking work home with you) by getting your friends together for a local trivia night. Even if your team doesn’t take the prize, just spending time with other adults during the week can be its own reward.

7. Set up a recurring treat for yourself by signing up for that neat subscription box you’ve been considering.

8. Or treat Future You by setting up automatic orders of a product you use all the time. That’ll be one less thing to fit into your busy days teaching our youngsters.

9. Take some time to reread your favorite book – comfort and escapism all rolled into one.

10. Splurge a little on a Tom & Donna Approved luxury, and get yourself a massage. The stress-relieving benefits are almost incalculable. And if you’re really trying to watch your pennies, see if there’s a massage school nearby that offers cheaper services by their advanced students.

Perhaps the most important principle of the Treat Yo’ Self  is that treats can take different forms for different people. It’s all about doing what makes you happy, whether that’s turning yourself into a cashmere/velvet candy cane, or dressing up like Batman. So whatever your bliss may be, take this World Teacher Day and treat yourself. You deserve it!

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