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“How can government proactively respond to tomorrow’s problems when they’re sinking under the weight of today’s? Escalating amounts of landfill waste, more traffic on the roads, siloed government departments with dwindling funds and ever-tightening budgets, and a lack of real-time communication between citizens and their public leaders. These are just some of the challenges cities across America are facing.

The good news is a key solution to these problems is driving up and down your streets each day, you just didn’t realize it. What you know as a garbage truck, we know as a roaming data center.

We’re using our ad-based technology to become your city’s eyes and ears, helping you to proactively respond to real-time issues. Once installed into your city’s garbage trucks, Rubicon SmartCity provides the ability to manage the efficiency of your vehicles including navigation and route optimization. Automated service confirmations for trash and recycling collection make routes hassle-free. However, drivers are empowered with the ability to relay issues as they happen, from contaminated bins to vacant homes, and from graffiti hotspots to potholes. All that data will be available in the SmartCity portal dashboard and can be relayed in real time to the right departments to empower proactive decisions and best in class government service delivery – driving your city to make better decisions about infrastructure, education and training, tax spending and so much more.”