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RUBICONPro | Hauler App


“Rubicon’s technology has allowed us to use a simple iPhone. The drivers use the apps – it’s hands free. You know that’s a big safety aspect.

So they know from A to Z that day which customers they have to pick up. And it’ll tell them turn by turn. That app senses that one, that our driver is on location. Two, it hears the hydraulics of the truck when it dumps it. And then once he puts it back down, the next customer pops up.

Amy is our dispatcher. She has a screen back at the office. She can see where the drivers are at, how fast they’re going, whether they’re on stop 17 of 48, and then every day, Rubicon generates a report for us. That technology, that’s what really helps us get to the next level.

We built this company on a handshake, and doing what we say we’re going do. And that’s why RAMCO has become successful, and that’s why I get up every day and enjoy what I do.”

“You know growing up my grandfather always told me to take pride in your work. So when I started this business, I kind of always remembered that. And so, we were good, but now we’re better. And Rubicon has played a vital part in that.”