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RUBICONConnect | Customer App


“Dealing with Stone Age service providers is a headache for small business owners. Why shouldn’t you expect your waste provider to offer the same modern and efficient tools you expect of your bank or accountant?
Imagine if you could get real-time updates on when your trash was collected, rate the driver who serviced your business and automate your payments online.

Enter RUBICONConnect, the application that makes managing your dumpster pickups and payments hassle-free. RUBICONConnect enables you to toggle between your waste collection and payment information and includes features that help you save money and divert waste. Once you get started, you can set up direct payments. At any time, you can view all your invoices and your current service requests. You can even request additional dumpster collections during peak periods. RUBICONConnect will also be your direct line to Rubicon’s dedicated support team and those drivers who provide the service.

You’ll even be able to assess the makeup of your waste. You can snap a photo of your dumpster to receive an instant waste assessment. With the results, you’ll be able to tell whether you need containers for different waste streams like recycling.

At Rubicon [Global], we’re committed to empowering your business with smarter technology that results in less hassle, better service, and more savings. More affordable waste collection for smarter business.

Ready to learn more?”