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Jason Ramsey: You try to leave this place better for your future generations, but if you go to a landfill, you’re just in awe how all the stuff’s accumulating. We’re basically just compacting it and burying it.

There’s gotta be a better way.

Lannis Nicholson: RAMCO Environmental is a turnkey environmental service company.

Jason Ramsey: We started RAMCO Environmental in 2011 with one truck, two guys, in central Arkansas. We figured out what we were good at through the business, so in 2011 with two guys and one truck to 2017, we’re at 30 plus trucks with three regional offices.

The big companies that we do go against, their landfill is one of their biggest revenue generators. One, we don’t own one, and we think we can kind of divert out of the landfill and be able to recycle it. That’s one of the goals that we try to do.

Lannis Nicholson: Instead of setting an eight yard trash container, how about we set a four yard trash container and a four yard recycle container? That way all that waste you’re generating at your office, your cardboard, your paper, plastic bottles…let’s extract that, take it to a recycle center, and let’s make something out of it because there is value to it.

Jason Ramsey: Rubicon [Global] was wanting to enter the Tupelo, Mississippi market, and so they reached out to us and asked if we’d be interested to go to Tupelo, Mississippi to help them out. So we made a visit down here in November and started operations thirty days later.

Lannis Nicholson: Technology really helps us out, and Rubicon has really been able to take us to the next level. One with technology, and two, with helping us grow our business. Once you start an operation from the ground up, you get one truck and one driver, you add another truck in six months, you add another truck in six months, that’s what a successful operation is supposed to be, and Rubicon has allowed us to do that in Tupelo, and we’re full steam ahead.