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David Plouffe Talks SmartCities


David Plouffe (Advisory Board Member): “I’m so excited about what you guys are doing because I think most people, whether it’s a mayor, a governor, or a citizen, someone who owns a small business, they don’t think they have any option, right? It’s like, what they got is, is what they got, in terms of waste and recycling and trash. And so, you guys are giving people more opportunities, you’re creating a lot of economic opportunity. I think you’re making great progress to laying out a vision for how to make our planet and our cities safer and healthier.

I couldn’t be more admiring of both your vision, but how you’re going about doing it, and when you think about the way our cities ought to operate …

We talk a lot about schools in our cities, and we talked a lot about transportation, and we talk a lot about job training programs, but very often you don’t understand the impact that the work all of you are doing could have on our cities. And really, when you think about the cities of the future, I think what you guys are doing, it can be at the heart of it, so it’s so very exciting.”