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TIDAL WAVE: Eco-Friendly Flip Flops with Tim Gibb

Just in time for the spike in warmer weather, this week’s episode of The Town Haul features TIDAL New York, an eco-friendly flip flop line that is changing the shoe game from material to manufacturing. Our host, Amy Koonin Taylor, sits down with Tim Gibb, co-founder of new TIDAL New York to kick off the summer of sustainable products. The new B Corp on the block, TIDAL’s unique sandal is both a comfortable and circular solution.


Fighting the Good Fight with Leanpath's CEO, Andrew Shakman

The Leanpath mission to solve the global food waste crisis is one we can all get behind. During a year that has left a dark cloud over the restaurant industry, Leanpath pivoted parts of their product and developed technology-driven solutions to fight the good fight and ensure no scrap was left behind. Host Amy Koonin Taylor sits down with CEO Andrew Shakman to break down some behaviors that can reduce waste in both restaurant kitchens and our own homes.


Gen Z and Advocacy: Benji Backer, President and Founder of the American Conservation Coalition

Although he doesn't have his own Tik Tok account, the ACC's Benji Backer is quintessential Gen Z. He's young, he's passionate, and he works tirelessly to make a positive change for our planet. Benji and his team are leading a grassroots effort on eco-conscious education across college campuses and the halls of government. Host Amy Koonin Taylor sits down with Backer to talk about all things climate change, building the bipartisan bridge, and his love for Aaron Rodgers.