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Yes! 2021 was an amazing third year for Trick or Trash — almost 2,000 boxes were sent to schools, small businesses, and community organizations in all 50 states. Sign-ups for Trick or Trash will start again in summer 2022, so be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates. If you are a business or nonprofit and are interested in partnering or sponsoring Trick or Trash, please get in touch via

Our priority is to get as many Trick or Trash boxes to as many schools and small businesses—and by extension, as many communities and states around the country—as possible. This ensures that thousands of people can participate in the program and enjoy recycling their candy wrappers and contributing to the circular economy. As such, we limit the free Trick or Trash boxes to one per school or business. However, if you need additional boxes, you can always purchase them through the “MYSELF” option on the order page.

Somewhere easily accessible and noticeable to as many people as possible. For a school, this may be a homeroom or hallway. For a business, this may be in your lobby or next to a reception desk or checkout counter. PLEASE NOTE: Every year Trick or Trash boxes end up being thrown out by cleaners or building custodians who didn’t realize what it was! Please notify everyone in your school or building about the purpose of the box. We recommend posting the matching Trick or Trash flyer directly above the box location so people can read about the program and know it isn’t just a discarded box.

Only candy wrappers please! The Trick or Trash team works closely with our recycling partner to create a specialized candy wrappers recycling process that can handle all wrappers whether they are made of plastic, aluminum or paper. Putting any other waste in the box is considered “contamination” [hyperlink] and can jeopardize the recycling of your candy wrappers. If candy remnants or other waste ends up in the box, we do everything we can to give it a Second Life through composting or waste-to-energy solutions. But please avoid contamination in the first place by education your students and staff about what can go in the box. Refer to our EDUCATION page for more details and point out the Do/Don’t icons on top of the box to others.