Reporting waste data.

Conduct a waste audit to see how much it really costs
to manage your waste.

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Complete oversight for your waste and recycling.

See double-digit percentage savings on your waste bills—and that’s just the beginning. We leverage our technology and extensive vendor network to find new uses for your waste streams, including remarketing commodities when possible to generate new revenue.

Spend less time on trash and more time on your business.

Our customer app automates and simplifies your waste and recycling, from matching you with the right vendor to consolidating your billing. That means a worry-free process for you.

Find new ways
to save.

Find new ways to save on your waste and recycling, while being recognized as a sustainable business by your customers, by conducting a waste audit to see how much it really costs to manage your waste.

Sustainability Reporting

  • Be part of the movement

    By partnering with Rubicon, you’ll make a greater impact and get total insight into your sustainability progress.

  • See your progress

    Our intuitive app interface lets you understand your sustainability progress at a glance. Powerful, customized reporting gives you detailed metrics by waste type, time period, and more.

  • Make a bigger difference

    Maximize your recycling efforts. We pool the buying power of our customers to bring affordable recycling to more businesses than ever.

Sustainable Business Recognition

Participate in public sustainability ratings programs with your business’ data reporting.

See how much you can save with our sustainable waste and recycling solutions.

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