What Could the Suez, Rubicon Partnership Mean for Waste Management Investors?

Early this year, SUEZ and Rubicon signed a ground-breaking strategic partnership agreement that could change how waste management investors think about the future of the industry.

In a video by Jean-Marc Bousier, CEO Europe, SUEZ Environnement, SUEZ addresses the strategic purpose and long term value of the partnership and what it means for the future of technology in the waste management industry.

This partnership combines Rubicon’s innovative model and SUEZ’s experience in the sustainable management of resources to bring value add to waste management investors. Technology and data will be key to the partnership as the two organizations will accelerate the development and roll-out of Rubicon’s cloud-based vehicle management platform, as well as its client interface and mobile applications.

By applying this technology to its fleet of vehicles, SUEZ will both evolve and transform waste collection and global value to waste management investors. Furthermore, through use of Smart City innovations including the collection and analysis of data, and the optimization and effectiveness of the vehicle fleet, the partnership hopes to improve the services offered to the community.

As a pioneer of the application of connected and digital solutions to the sustainable management of secondary resources, SUEZ is pursuing its strategy to develop new services, in particular in recycling and waste recovery. SUEZ led Rubicon’s current funding round which has raised more than $50 million.

While much of the waste industry is moving away from a linear to a more virtuous circular model, waste disposal methods are still mainly used in the United States. Rubicon challenges this model and SUEZ follows with interest the evolutions to come on this market. This partnership will open the way for the deployment of innovative and effective solutions on the US and European markets.