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Learn how small businesses around the country use Rubicon to save money on waste while enhancing their sustainability efforts.



Quentin Road Baptist Church

“Trash isn’t of the most paramount concern for us at the Quentin Road Baptist Church, but ensuring that trash is handled properly in a manner that doesn’t impact the financial stress of our organization is critical. Rubicon came in and treated us like a priority customer, got us out of our existing contract, and now provides a reliable waste solution for us that puts money back into our church and organization. We could not be happier with Rubicon.”

Mark Julian

Staff Pastor


Mail Louisville, Inc.

“While wanting to reduce our waste costs was the main reason we reached out to Rubicon, we have been pleasantly surprised by how much they care about us as a customer and ensuring all of our waste services are taken care of. We are proud to call Rubicon a partner.”

Natalie Houchens

Lead Accountant


First Signal

“Our prior waste vendor was starting to eat us up in terms of costs. The bill just kept going up and up and I didn’t know I had another option. Rubicon came in and gave me transparency, gave me a new option and as a result, we’ve saved money every month; money that I reinvest right back into the business.”

Tim Davern

President & CEO


Christian Community Assistance

“Rubicon opened our eyes to the fact that we were being over-billed and over-serviced by our previous waste vendor. As a non-profit, we are on a very tight budget, so every dollar Rubicon has been able to save us really does make a difference for our organization and the community. We are very happy we made the switch to Rubicon for our waste solution.”

Linda Jo Galvan


Real Estate

Boulevard Realty

“Honestly, trash is one of the last things we want to think about as a part of our day-to-day. Rubicon came in and gave us an exceptional deal tied to service and price, and handled all of the transition work for us as well. They made the process painless and through their work, we are able to take some of the extra money we save and give it back to the Houston community thanks to Rubicon.”

Marianne Terrell

Office Manager

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