Technology built for proactive governments.

RUBICONSmartCity™ is a smart city technology suite that helps city governments run more efficient, effective, and sustainable operations. A SaaS offering originally designed for waste and recycling fleets, this full-service technology solution can be deployed in almost any fleet to help reduce costs, improve service, and contribute to quality of life.

Atlanta, GA


"We are excited to work with Atlanta-based company Rubicon to explore new technologies for innovation in our waste management systems,” said Mayor Kasim Reed. “We have ambitious, clear goals for improving efficiency and increasing recycling rates and effectiveness. This unique partnership with Rubicon will open new opportunities and support our conservation efforts."

Kasim Reed

Mayor of Atlanta

Columbus, GA


"We are excited to partner with Georgia-based Rubicon and use their new technology to improve our waste and recycling services,” said Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. “It will allow us to more closely monitor and manage our operations, improve customer service and enhance quality of life."

Teresa Tomlinson

Mayor of Columbus

Fort Collins, CO


"The City of Fort Collins is always looking to take advantage of technology and data to help improve efficiency, maintenance and make for a better community for our citizens,” said Larry Schneider, City of Fort Collins Director of Transportation. “We think this specific smart city solution from Rubicon could be a game changer for our fleet of street sweeping vehicles."

Larry Schneider

Director of Transportation

Fort Smith, Arkansas


“This literally takes us from managing with paper and pencil into the twenty-first century, smartly managing our resources and operations across our city,” said Kyle Foreman, director of Sanitation for the City of Fort Smith. “Implementing Rubicon’s smart city solution across our fleet means we’re connecting every vehicle and driver with Operations Management at all times. Operations will be able to redirect our resources where they’re needed when they’re needed, and we expect that to result in significant operational savings,” Foreman said.

Kyle Foreman

Director of Sanitation for the City of Fort Smith

“These savings—the stretching of our precious budget dollars,” added Carl E. Geffken, City Administrator, “will help us do more with less. We believe we’ll serve our customers better, that our sanitation vehicles will last longer, we’ll save on fuel… There are a number of benefits. Bottom line is we expect this smart city solution will help us effectively do more with less. That saves our residents money in the long run.”

Carl E. Geffken

City Administrator

Irving, TX


"The City of Irving continually is looking to take advantage of technology and data that helps improve efficiency, maintenance and makes the city better for our residents,” said Irving’s Solid Waste Service Director, Brenda Haney. “We think this specific smart city solution from Rubicon could be a game changer for our fleet, and we look forward to exploring its impact and application throughout our system."

Brenda Haney

Solid Waste Service Director

Montgomery, AL


"Not only are we saving staff time and taxpayer dollars with Rubicon, but this is an essential part of our overall Smart City strategy since it ensures our sanitation and fleet organizations are working smarter, not harder, to enhance our residential and commercial services,” said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. “It is another investment that will pay dividends for future growth and development by affecting overall quality of life in the Capital of Dreams."

Todd Strange

Mayor of Montgomery

Norfolk, VA


"The City of Irving continually is looking to take advantage of technology and data that helps improve efficiency, maintenance and makes the city better for our residents,” said Irving’s Solid Waste Service Director, Brenda Haney. “We think this specific smart city solution from Rubicon could be a game changer for our fleet, and we look forward to exploring its impact and application throughout our system."

Richard Broad

Director of Public Works

Santa Fe, NM


"We are excited to partner with Rubicon to use technology to enhance our waste and recycling services,” said Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales. “Santa Fe has long been committed to sustainability and conservation. This Smart Cities solution will boost the ability to meet our ambitious goals and deliver best in class customer service to our citizens."

Javier Gonzales

Mayor of Santa Fe

Spokane, WA


"The City of Spokane is committed to delivering excellent solid waste collection and disposal services for our citizens at an affordable price,” said Scott Simmons, the City’s Division Director of Public Works and Utilities. “We already are a leader in generating renewable energy through our municipally owned and operated Waste to Energy facility. Partnering with Rubicon and their smart city technology expands our value to our citizens. Using this new technology, we will be able to operate more efficiently, make business decisions using comprehensive data, enhance our sustainability efforts, and respond rapidly to customer needs."

Scott Simmons

Division Director of Public Works and Utilities

West Memphis, AR


"We’re excited to have this type of technology tested on our City’s fleet. We believe it will help provide safer, more reliable waste service to our residents and employees,” said West Memphis Mayor William H. Johnson.

William H. Johnson

Mayor of West Memphis
Michael A Nutter

“Working with Rubicon as a member of its Advisory Board, I’m able to help the company expand its important mission to end waste to cities throughout the United States, and around the globe. Rubicon understands how to partner with governments and municipalities, and how to collaborate and bring technology and sustainability together for maximum community impact. They give city leaders the data, insights, and analytics that help drive improved customer service, better quality of life, and greater equity for all communities. It’s important work that is at the core of what it means to be a truly smart city.”

Honorable Michael A. Nutter Former Mayor City of Philadelphia David N. Dinkins Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs

“The technology has definitely increased the efficiency of the routes. Our team considers the technology very helpful in providing real-time insights into route progress, fleet and truck performance, and driver behavior.”

Michelle Wiseman Director of Waste Diversion & Outreach at City of Atlanta (Mayor’s Office of Sustainability)


Rubicon was awarded the 2019 IoT Evolution Smart City Innovation Award from IoT Evolution, honoring organizations delivering software or hardware solutions which enable the advancement of the smart home, smart city, and building industry.

Rubicon was named Best Sustainable Business SaaS Provider by US Business News, a program celebrating the visionaries of technology, whether they develop software, manufacture cutting edge solutions, or distribute the latest technology to local or global clients.

Why RUBICONSmartCity

Delivering proactive government

The smartest run cities are those that anticipate the needs of their residents before they call. Our technology delivers insights about the specific problems that plague a community, allowing governments to act before citizens complain, leading to more sustainable, resilient, and equitable neighborhoods.

Maximizing existing government resources

Cities today are required to do more with less. Our technology leverages existing government fleets to do more by transforming these vehicles into roaming data collection centers that can feed government work order systems across functional areas.

Producing tangible safety gains

Our technology helps to calm the streets and improve neighborhood streetscapes by having materials picked up efficiently and getting your fleet vehicles off the road as quickly as possible. This leads to fewer vehicle accidents and safer communities.

Creating return on investment

A high value, low-cost solution, our technology serves as the eyes and ears of your city and can improve operations of individual vehicles, fleets, and entire workforces, helping to save tax dollars and lessen the administrative burden on city employees.

Join the smart city movement

City residents look to their governments to lead by example. When cities partner with sustainable businesses on technology-based, smart city initiatives they show their residents and business owners what is possible and profitable in the circular economy.

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