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Small Business

Independent businesses make up more than 99 percent of all U.S. businesses1, and employ nearly half of all private workers2. We're committed to helping them thrive.

We reduce costs, increase sustainability, and enable our independent haulers to compete for bigger accounts and run more efficiently. See below how we empower small business.

Alpharetta Animal Hospital
Alpharetta, Georgia

From an initial email that had her laughing out loud to hands-on support with dumpster removal, Rubicon has been a pleasure to work with, practice manager Natasha Rigsby says. Rubicon is saving Alpharetta $4,000 annually and introduced a plastics recycling program.

Budgeting with certainty: "There are no hidden charges or extra fees with Rubicon, which wasn't the case with our old provider."

New recycling opportunities: "Our staff is very eco-conscious, and we're glad to be able to recycle plastics instead of throwing them away."

the hauler
RJ Recovery Services
Charlotte, N.C.

Since partnering with Rubicon in 2015, RJ Recovery has grown by an estimated 45 percent and increased its recycling significantly, according to Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Contreras Jr.

Leading technology: "The technology is through the roof. The Rubicon X hauler management platform has allowed my fleet and company to become more efficient."

The tools to compete: "With the Rubicon Pro hauler membership rewards program, getting a break on things like fuel, tires and even containers has become so much easier."

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the recycler
Natural Upcycling
Linwood, New York

More efficient operations, new equipment investments and taking on Wegmans as a client are just a few benefits of partnering with Rubicon, according to manager Chris Noble.

Technology benefits: "Rubicon's tracking software helps our fleet figure out the best routes, feeds information automatically into the billing platform and sends a bill directly to Rubicon. It makes our jobs a lot easier."

A shared philosophy: "Rubicon has been a good partner in helping our customers achieve as much food waste reduction as they can."

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