Six steps to successful recycling and waste reduction.
laptop showing steps to successful recycling and waste reduction

Recycling and waste reduction best practices you can implement today.

The RUBICONMethod™ is a six-step system for setting up and maintaining a successful business recycling program. Following the familiar acronym “DIVERT,” the six steps stand for Determine, Initiate, Vocalize, Eliminate, Roll-out, and Track.

Rubicon’s mission is to end waste. Based on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), we want to provide our cities and businesses with a practical guide to help them improve their waste programs and initiatives on waste reduction.

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Conduct your own waste audit.

With your action plan in place, it’s time to vocalize the plan and educate a variety of stakeholders.

Program improvements to staff, vendors, and custodians

Once you have the appropriate signage, it’s time to train all staff, vendors and custodial services across the business.

What to recycle through picture-based bin signage

Picture-based, color-coordinated signage is one of the best ways to build recycling habits and educate stakeholders. Implementation of Recycle Across America’s (RAA) society-wide standardized labels for bins helps increase recycling and decrease contamination.

Internal team leaders for feedback and questions

Create a central point of contact for your waste plan, providing all stakeholders with a go-to resource to ask questions, give feedback, report issues and collaborate on key learnings.

See how your business can get started with waste reduction.
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