Six steps to successful recycling and waste reduction.
laptop showing steps to successful recycling and waste reduction

Recycling and waste reduction best practices you can implement today.

The RUBICONMethod™ is a six-step system for setting up and maintaining a successful business recycling program. Following the familiar acronym “DIVERT,” the six steps stand for Determine, Initiate, Vocalize, Eliminate, Roll-out, and Track.

Rubicon’s mission is to end waste. Based on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), we want to provide our cities and businesses with a practical guide to help them improve their waste programs and initiatives on waste reduction.

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Conduct your own waste audit.

Goals have been set, plans established, critical players educated, and initial reduction steps taken. Now it’s time to roll-out the plan.

Side-by-side bin stations

It’s critical to decide on the placement of your bins, ensuring that they are consistently available throughout the workplace. Every trash bin should have a recycling bin next to it (not across the room or down the hall) and bins should always be placed side-by-side with recycling always on the right.

Color-coded bin liners (landfill, recycling, compost)

It’s critical to use standardized, colored liners. For example, a black liner for trash (or landfill), a blue or clear liner for recycling, a certified compostable green liner for organics recycling. If possible, match the color of the bin on the outside to the liner.

garbage bags

Bins for donations and hard-to-recycle materials

Determine a convenient, accessible location and schedule for the drop-off and pick-up of donated materials, such as food, clothing or books. Ensure the bins are labeled with the types of materials and condition accepted. Companies like TerraCycle provide bins for hard-to-recycle material collection.

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