Six steps to successful recycling and waste reduction.
laptop showing steps to successful recycling and waste reduction

Recycling and waste reduction best practices you can implement today.

The RUBICONMethod™ is a six-step system for setting up and maintaining a successful business recycling program. Following the familiar acronym “DIVERT,” the six steps stand for Determine, Initiate, Vocalize, Eliminate, Roll-out, and Track.

Rubicon’s mission is to end waste. Based on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), we want to provide our cities and businesses with a practical guide to help them improve their waste programs and initiatives on waste reduction.

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Conduct your own waste audit.

It’s time to initiate a plan forward now that you’ve determined your current waste landscape.

New plan for waste and recycling collection

Start by looking at the data you collected in Step 1. Identify which of your waste materials can be recycled locally going forward. Single stream recycling (SSR), cardboard/OCC recycling and food waste/organics recycling are three of the most common and impactful solutions.

Optimized services and hauler schedule

Often when new recycling plans are implemented, businesses find that they produce significantly less “trash” and more recycling. This could mean that your dumpster is half-full, while your recycling container is overflowing. Talk to Rubicon about right-sizing and optimization to help match the right equipment and services to your needs.

Equipment and sustainable office supply purchases

Now that you have a plan, figure out what equipment you have and what you may need to purchase, such as new bins and liners. Mapping your sites’ bin stations will help ensure you buy the correct number. Refer to Step 5 for more information on bin placement and color-coded liners.

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