Beyond COVID-19

Gain even more regulatory insight with Rubicon RegWatch™

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About Rubicon RegWatch™

Rubicon RegWatch™ is the complete solution to help you stay on top of your local, state and federal regulatory and compliance obligations.


As an expansion of our partnership on the COVID-19 Regulation Tracker, RUBICONRegWatch™ integrates Libryo’s legal software with Rubicon’s market-leading customer portal (RUBICONConnect) to give our customers unprecedented visibility into relevant regulations for all levels of their business. Schedule a demo with our experts to learn more.

The Benefits

Protect Your Brand

Mitigate reputational, business continuity and legal risks

Save Costs

Avoid unnecessary fines, penalties and branch closures due to non-compliance

Empower Your Team

Real-time insights into all regulations, including local updates, across your entire organization

Keep it simple

Track site-specific regulatory updates that impact your business via a single, unified dashboard

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Stay in the know

Monitor your compliance status across your entire business, no matter the jurisdiction or number of operations, and prioritize actions based on risk severity

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Get more done together

Complete self-assessments to understand and ensure current compliance levels across your organization

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