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The Rubicon® Recognition Program

A RUBICONRecognized™ Business is one that has taken steps to operate more sustainably and efficiently. The program highlights commitment and partnership with Rubicon to end waste.

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RUBICONRecognized businesses make a promise to their customers that they are focused on a reduced environmental impact. Patrons can be assured that they are doing something positive for the environment by supporting this business.


RUBICONRecognized businesses work to keep waste out of landfills and create a more circular economy through recycling and reuse. They educate their employees and customers on the far-reaching value of serving the planet.


RUBICONRecognized businesses consistently work towards sustainability goals. They demonstrate to the community how much of each material they are diverting and how they are making tangible progress towards eliminating waste.

6 Month Commitment

Customized waste and recycling solutions that help you create a more sustainable business

Join the program

Conduct waste audit and setup in-store signage

Setup RUBICONConnect™ reporting portal

Train employees

Set waste reduction goals

Implement best billing practices

Implement sustainable procurement practices

Case Studies