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Professional Development

Data & Assessment Literacy

We will work with you to create an ideal professional development plan to support your goals and budget. All Rubicon software can be integrated into appropriate workshops.

Individual Sessions

All our sessions can be conducted onsite or facilitated online over a series of engagements. Onsite sessions are $2500 a day per facilitator, plus travel costs. Our online sessions are offered at $250 an hour, with some sessions requiring a minimum of two hours.

Support a Data Inquiry Process

Onsite: 1 day

Who Should Attend?

We will tailor each session to meet your specific needs. The audience may include:

  • Peer Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Teachers


Learn how you can use a data inquiry cycle as a strategy to support teachers in effectively using their curriculum and assessment data to improve student learning.

In our session, we will walk through each step of a data inquiry cycle:

  • Gain Perspective: What are your goals and priorities for reviewing your data?
  • Prepare Data: What information or resources will help answer your question?
  • Discover or Uncover: What can you learn from the data? What confirms your expectations, and what surprises you?
  • Meet, Discuss, and Adjust: How can we collaborate with our teams to adjust our instruction based on these results?
  • Identify Next Steps: How can we put our plan into action?


Develop a data-inquiry cycle customized to meet the needs of your school, with protocols and resources to support your work.

Transform Student Learning with LinkLogic and Atlas

Onsite: 1 day | Online: 3 – 6 one-hour guided sessions

Who Should Attend?

School leaders, teachers and curriculum writers


Utilize Atlas and LinkLogic to examine your assessment results, compare your results to your written curriculum, and inform curricular revision to support student growth.


Make data-informed decisions around curriculum and instruction that reflect the needs of your students.

Create a Process for Standards-Based Grading

Onsite: 1 day

Who Should Attend? 

Curriculum and assessment leaders


Develop your process for standards-based grading. Consider how you will support both students and teachers and determine your steps to ensure consistent grading practices.


Create a standards-based grading approach for your school or district with strategies and resources to get started.

Contact Us to Organize Data & Assessment Literacy Sessions

  • Tell us about your school:

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  • Which sessions are you interested in?

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