Professional Development for Educators

Our Professional Development is led by expert educators who design sessions to support the unique goals of your school or district.

Customize a Professional Development Plan for Your School

Divided into four tracks, our PD is informative and interactive, ensuring tangible outcomes for all participants – from developing strategic plans with administrators, writing high quality curriculum with teachers, or supporting instructional coaches with the tools necessary to meet school-wide goals.

Our team will travel to your school or district for customized onsite PD, or you can choose a series of sessions to participate in with us online. Each track has several sessions that can be tailored to your school-wide objectives. Mix and match from the following tracks to start creating a professional development plan for your school.

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School Leadership & Process

Quality curriculum and instruction start with school leadership. Design a seamless process with an articulated vision, in-depth planning, and necessary resources to support and engage educators and maintain momentum. Sample sessions include:

  • Design a Curriculum Process
  • Develop a Curriculum Review Process
  • Support your School Accreditation Process
teacher professional development

Curriculum Development

Curriculum is the foundation for teaching and learning. Guide teachers as they create a living and authentic curriculum that elevates and aligns instruction to enhance student learning. Sample sessions include:

  • Develop a Standards-Based Curriculum
  • Support Teachers as Curriculum Writers
  • Coaching to Create & Review High-Quality Curriculum
public speaking in the elementary classroom

Instructional Strategies

Transform curriculum into lesson plans and classroom instruction that engages students in their learning. Strategies like differentiated instruction, restorative justice, and building community will redefine the student experience. Sample sessions include:

  • Strategies to Engage Students with C3, NGSS or DI
  • Translate the Documented Curriculum into Instruction
  • Move from Instructor to Facilitator in the Classroom

Data & Assessment Literacy

There is no shortage of student assessment data, but the key is being able to interpret, review and analyze the data to make meaningful leadership- to classroom-level decisions. We will use your student data along with curriculum to:

  • Support a Data Inquiry Process
  • Create a Process for Standards-Based Grading

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