Service Offerings for Implementation, Training & Support

We offer world-class technical support through our Service Bundles, and for those customers who have unique requirements, via a la carte offerings.

Implementation Bundles

Product and system implementation consist of:

  • Scoping of your goals and key outcomes
  • Configuring your system
  • Identifying your training and professional development needs
  • Defining your roles and responsibilities
  • Building an action plan

If you need supplemental support, we offer a variety of Support Packages to guide your individual process and stage of curriculum development.

Premium (Most Popular)

Product Support Levels

Highly responsive customer service. You don’t feel like a customer when you’re getting that excellent customer service, you feel like you’re working with a colleague.

– Longwood Central School District, NY

Our support team, is available to you by email or phone.

Standard Product Support is included with each Atlas license.

General email support through

Access to the general support line

Support received from next available support team member

Responses include links to resources and guides

Atlas: support with your academic standards

If your team needs dedicated ongoing support, you can upgrade your Support Bundle for access to a designated Support Specialist. They service unique modifications to your Atlas system, including necessary changes to your unit template(s), unit categories, and to your course and teacher lists throughout the year.

General email support through

Direct access to a designated support specialist

Responses include links to resources and guides, as well as short explanations

Atlas: support with your academic standards

Atlas: template modifications & system configurations

Your school will have 10 hours of Professional Services such as adding new standards, and/or additional a la carte items from the Services Menu below. This package also includes some 1-1 time with our Professional Development Team.

Includes everything in Premium Product Support

2 hours of Online Product Trainings

10 hours of Product Services

1 hour of Online Professional Development

Product Trainings


Product Training

30-60 minute online workshops that provide targeted instruction on our products. $150 per hour; Spanish, Arabic and Turkish for $300 per hour


Product Training

Sessions offer an overview of how our products work with individual support for leadership or teachers and built-in work time. $1,500 per day

Navigating Atlas: Gain hands-on experience in Atlas, and learn basic functions like adding units and personalizing your dashboard.

Standards Editing Tool: Learn how to build and add school-created standards into your Atlas system, modify existing sets of open-copyright standards, or add visual flags for identifying power standards.

System Admin Training: Receive an overview of your role as a system administrator, learn how to manage teacher accounts and course assignments in Atlas, and understand the yearly archive process that takes place along with your role in supporting the process.

Reports in Atlas: Analyze standards that have been targeted and assessed in units, create a scope and sequence report, and search curriculum for key topics and resources.

Our team will travel to your school or district for customized onsite Professional Development.

Services Menu

Atlas Product Services

Custom Reports
$150 per year
Up to five customized reports received monthly on curriculum, standards alignment, and/or user activity.
Unit Template Modifications
$200 per request
Update the layout and elements of unit templates

Public Atlas Site
$300 one time
A customized webpage for sharing your Atlas curriculum with parents, accreditation teams, and/or community members. An Atlas Public Site allows you to manage what is visible, so you can share just the parts of your curriculum you want to highlight!
Support New Pedagogies
$300 per request
Convert Atlas to support new pedagogies

Call us at 1.503.223.7600 or email to build a customized package based on the services and support you need.

Hourly Professional Services $75 / Hour ($300 min)

School Curriculum Import
Upload your teachers’ pre-written curriculum work to serve as a foundation for getting started in Atlas.
School Standards Import
Upload your school’s custom curriculum standards into Atlas, making them easily accessible to teachers for unit alignment.
Standards “Crosswalk”
In some cases, our Standards team can make a connection between different sets of similar standards in Atlas, allowing us to move teacher alignments automatically from one set to another.

System Configurations
A variety of support options and special site customization's are possible by our team working “behind the scenes”. We can, for example:
  • Update Users and Course assignments
  • Add or edit mapping categories and the design of unit planners
  • Edit existing data (e.g., Assessment Methods) while maintaining curriculum alignments
  • Customize your system for incorporating new pedagogies & programs
  • Conduct a complete “Atlas Tune-Up” to remove unused items and help re-start your curriculum mapping

Connect with us to elevate your process with Professional Services

To request services or for any questions on our Support Bundles, complete this form. We’ll get back to you within a day. Of course, we’d also love to hear from you voice-to-voice @ 1.503.223.7600. Ask for Support Services.

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