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We Want to Help You Help Your Students Learn

We are an organization dedicated to the success of every school we partner with, measured through curricular enhancement, teacher growth and student achievement.

We aspire …

to help schools develop tailored curriculum solutions and sustainable school improvement processes to ensure every student has the chance to reach their goals.

We’ve learned…

that insight to the student experience through the planned and taught curriculum can be a powerful force for improvement in schools and districts.  It promotes data-informed decision making, a culture of sharing and improvement, a routine of reflection, and a precedence for taking meaningful action to improve what students can learn.

We’re committed …

to work tirelessly to meet every teacher and school where they are in designing, developing, mapping and managing their curriculum, aligning to standards and leaning outcomes, and integrating across learning experiences – all with the student in mind.

Join our team and flourish professionally and personally.

We Have History

Founded in 1989, Rubicon set out to help institutions strategically implement technology as well as to create sustainable critical processes to better meet their goals.  When the technology for mapping and managing curriculum wasn’t available for schools, in the late 90’s Rubicon devoted their collective energy to developing the first ever electronic Curriculum Management System, Atlas.

We have been tailoring, customizing, adding to and improving that original Atlas system in order to meet the ever changing demands of schools and curricula around the world ever since.

We believe learning is at its best when...

Our Next Chapter

Rubicon brings a completely new dimension to Education through the ability to integrate Atlas, a tool used by schools around the world to design and analyze curriculum with powerful new tools.

Our suite of products provides the architecture to analyze the connection between the planned and taught curriculum and student outcomes.

We bring schools the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their curriculum based on evidence of learning and transparency across the entire educational community (teachers, parents and students) to make modifications to curriculum design and instruction to grow success for all children.

Rubicon is proud to bring a broad portfolio of solutions that truly impacts the critical dimensions of teaching and learning.

We Care

The Rubicon Education Foundation was formed by Rubicon associates in the aftermath of the Dec 2004 tsunami near Indonesia. The mission of the Education Foundation is to build community and connections between educators to provide children in crisis with educational opportunity to develop into global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Rubicon Education Foundation
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