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Pleiades and the Curriculum Effectiveness Review

Increase student understanding and performance with a viable and effective curriculum.

Curriculum Effectiveness Review:

Connect Instruction & Student Achievement

The Curriculum Effectiveness Review process uses the Pleiades dashboard to reveal gaps and redundancies. Together they increase consistent instructional practice and support the review of in-class assessment methods.

Gain New Insights through our Review

Pleiades Gain Insights

See the units and assessments targeted in your curriculum overlaid with student performance results.

  • Examine the frequency with which a skill is taught and assessed, easily identifying gaps and redundancies.
  • Compare performance and curriculum to see where a skill needs to be hit with more frequency compared to where a shift in instructional practice is needed.

Discover Correlations in Proficiency

After identifying areas of focus with your students’ performance, use our guiding questions to begin digging into the ‘hows?’ and ‘whys?’.

Perhaps students are showing success on their in-class assessments but are struggling on 3rd party assessments.

Is there potentially a difference in the types of skills both assessments use?

If we reflect on our assessment alignment, will students experience more success?

Rubicon Pleiades Performance

Differentiate Your Instruction

  • Ready for the next level?

    Review student performance to see who's ready for more.

  • Are my students growing?

    Compare proficiency and growth in one place.

  • How do I interpret student results?

    Guiding questions link classroom skills and performance.

Explore Growth by Student Attributes

Answer the questions consistently on your mind…

How are skills developing over time across grade and school levels?

What conclusions are consistent between levels, and where do they diverge?

How can we revisit assessment data to make real change at our school?

Use Results that Initiate Change

Pleiades Reports

Our Curriculum Analysts dive deep into the results to provide:

  • an extensive and in-depth report with a guided walk-through of the data and findings
  • an executive summary detailing potential areas of adjustment and shifts in your curriculum
  • professional development to support you and your team in developing your own review process using Pleiades

What Elements of Curriculum and Assessment are Needed for a Review?

A set of goals or values by which the schools determine their own success

A system of assessments to measure student performance

A curriculum process and set of curriculum data

A desire to reflect on curriculum and instruction

Pleiades Whats Needed to Get Started
  • Review Student Performance

    Determine which skills should be prioritized and discover areas of growth and strengths.

  • Design Data Dashboard

    Use the dashboard to analyze student performance by grade, subject or student sub-groups.

  • Connect Student Performance

    Connect your student’s performance with what you are teaching in the classroom.

  • Formulate an Action Plan

    Receive an in-depth analysis of Rubicon’s findings and achievable next steps.

Begin with a strong curriculum process.

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