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With Pleiades, use student assessment results to inform curriculum revision

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Summative tests tell us what students learned. Pleiades indicates why and where to direct our efforts to improve our curriculum.

Visually analyze student performance data

Use Pleiades dashboard tools to look at students' test results by grade, subject or student sub-groups.

Designate your own student attributes to analyze the impact of your curriculum instruction on performance.

Discover correlations in student performance

Analyze student proficiency and growth in one place.

Connect student performance with what is being taught in the classroom.

Compare performance and curriculum to see where a skill needs to be hit with more frequency compared to where a shift in instructional practice is needed.

Review multiple forms of assessments and results

Look at student growth over time and determine which skills should be prioritized.

Recognize the difference in the types of skills required by the various assessments.

Formulate Informed Action Plans

Pleiades facilitates and visually translates findings into achievable next steps.

Make data informed curriculum improvement decisions for differentiated instruction.

Pleiades Crosswalk

Product Benefits & Features

Monitor the dynamic character of curriculum over time as it relates to student performance.

Crosswalk between multiple forms of summative and common assessments and academic standards.

See your units, assessments and targeted standards overlaid with assessment results.

Examine how often a skill is taught and assessed, and easily identify gaps and redundancies in your instruction.

Individualized Tagging for Student Group Attributes

Advanced Filters to Drill Down to Student Level

Snapshots in Time for Correlating Revisions in Curriculum

Multiyear Analysis to Examine Change Over Time

User Roles and Privileges for Custom Views

Student Import Wizard and Information Database

Product Training & Support

Successful implementation of any new technology depends on accessible support. We partner with your curriculum team in providing system set-up services and ongoing technical support:

  • System Administration & Base Implementation
  • Product Training
  • In-Product Support
  • Assessment-specific Webinars
  • Ongoing Technical Support

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Connect Student Performance to Your Curriculum & Instruction

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