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Connect Student Performance to Your Instructional Plans with

Summative tests tell us what students learned. LinkLogic indicates why, so you can determine where to direct efforts that improve your curriculum.

Learn More About LinkLogic

Watch our demo video and download our flyer and reports guide to see how LinkLogic can enhance your school or district’s curriculum review process and allow you to meaningfully apply student assessment data to improve teaching and learning.

Analyze All Major Assessment Data on One System

Make data-informed decisions for curriculum improvement, instructional shifts, school initiatives, and teacher PD.

Work with Data at the District, School, and Classroom Levels

Administrators and teachers can view data sets relevant to their needs.

Analyze Groups of Students and Identify Instructional Needs

Use dashboard tools to look at students' test results by grade, subject or student subgroups.

Link Assessment Results to the Actual Curriculum

Connect student performance with what is being taught in the classroom.

LinkLogic Supports Major Assessments across K-12


Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers


Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress


National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy


Measure Academic Progress


Scholastic Assessment Test


American College Testing


Pennsylvania System of School Assessment


Advanced Placement


Iowa Test of Basic Skills

More coming soon!

Schedule a Live LinkLogic Demo

Call +1.503.223.7600 or send us a little information here to connect with our LinkLogic Analysts for a free demo.

Introducing LinkLogic Webinar

Join us as we show our new product LinkLogic, the first tool to connect your student performance on multiple assessment types with your actual curriculum data. LinkLogic lets you see your results in new ways that immediately impact your curriculum and instruction. Learn how your teachers and leaders can spend less time crunching numbers and more time taking action to meet your students’ needs.

Register for a LinkLogic Webinar >>

LinkLogic and Atlas for Data Driven Decisions Webinar

Join us as we use student results to plan our curriculum and instruction. It’s the start of the year, and you have a roster of students all with different needs. With the combined power of LinkLogic and Atlas, we will review student results to find areas of strength and weakness. Reflect on the performance of your students from last year and anticipate the needs of your incoming students.

Register for a LinkLogic and Atlas Webinar>>


We offer a variety of services for product implementation, training & support.


What is LinkLogic?

LinkLogic is a web application that allows you to easily visualize your students’ performance data and pair that data with your actual curriculum.

How is the assessment data loaded into LinkLogic?

Our team will work closely with you to retrieve your student performance files and securely transfer them over to us. Our specialists will then load your data for you, providing you with a complete system as soon as you log in.

Does LinkLogic focus on growth data or proficiency data?

Growth, proficiency, and more! LinkLogic displays the data your assessment provides, so whether your assessment renders results based on a raw score, scale score, percentile, growth score, or a different data point, we’ve got you covered. 

How does LinkLogic simplify data analysis?

We make it easy. Once users log in, their charts are available. This means you can use your time making decisions that impact instruction instead of organizing data. In addition to our extensive support services, the tool itself displays your student data in familiar formats that are easy to interpret. No more comparing results from multiple files for every assessment you give; no more hours spent sorting and streamlining data; no more fidgeting with charts and graphs only to have those charts become obsolete a few months later. 

Do we have to have fully documented curriculum in order to use LinkLogic?

Many of our clients using LinkLogic are just beginning to develop their curriculum process. These teachers and leaders use LinkLogic to make informed decisions about how to develop their curriculum. We encourage data-driven instruction, and LinkLogic can be a great place for schools to start this practice. 

What types of assessments does LinkLogic support?

Currently, LinkLogic supports summative, benchmark, high-stakes assessments and more. These assessments can be vendor-created, or they can be common assessments created by a school/district. If you’d like to see if your assessment is supported by LinkLogic, contact us. 

Can LinkLogic show results by skill or standard? What if we use custom standards?

LinkLogic will match the level of your assessment data, so if there is an item or standards report available, LinkLogic can display it. We also have custom alignment services available that connect assessments to custom standard sets. 

Is LinkLogic a data warehouse?

We incorporated similar features to a data warehouse: displaying familiar set of charts, pulling in multiple assessment types into one place, filtering data based on student attributes. The major difference is that LinkLogic doesn’t just tell you what skills students need to learn more about, it also shows how those skills were targeted in your actual curriculum. 

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