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Move Big Initiatives Forward

We use our broad educational consulting experience to bring an individualized approach to curricular improvement.

Curriculum Effectiveness Review

Informed curriculum refinement

rubicon for curriculum effectiveness

Connecting assessment data to instruction can provide a powerful roadmap for making changes to curriculum and instruction.  Our Consulting team works with educators to pinpoint exactly what revisions to your curriculum can be most valuable in increasing student growth and achievement.

We work together to correlate your curriculum with student assessment data, and we offer recommendations for refinements by answering the important questions:  

What curriculum changes will have the most impact on student learning?

As we look at groups of students where can differentiation ensure that all students are successful?

Are there opportunities for integration across disciplines to reinforce critical skills?

Our Curriculum Effectiveness Analysts dive deep into the results from Pleiades to provide…

an extensive and in-depth report with a guided walk-through of the data and findings

an executive summary detailing potential areas of adjustment and shifts in your curriculum

professional development to support you and your team in developing your own review process using Pleiades

Pleiades Reports

Consultative Guidance for Strategic Curricular Initiatives

Preparing for Accreditation

Working in partnership with school leadership we develop a plan and provide support in preparing for formal evaluations. The steps may be:

  • Review your educational program’s alignment of your vision and mission
  • Audit curriculum, instruction, and assessment for evidence of learning
  • Appraise school improvement plans
Professional Development Planning

We assist your team in designing a strong professional development plan aligned to your strategic direction. Tools and steps can include:

  • Surveys and evaluations to identify staff needs and work with your leaders to put in place a multi-year plan
  • Develop a system to measure results of professional development
Curriculum Leadership & Practices

We partner with your curriculum leaders to build leadership team capacity for developing a clear sense of direction and sustainable process to guide ongoing continuous improvement. Our objectives include:

  • Empower your teams to lead processes of developing and maintaining curriculum effectiveness
  • Establish common expectations for quality course design and ongoing refinement

Stories of Client Engagement

Let’s Build Bridges

Call us at +1 503 223 7600, or email our Consulting team to begin making big steps forward.

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