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Successful Curricular Processes Start with Atlas

Having a curriculum documented is good.  Having a robust platform and sustainable process in place to continually improve your curriculum is best.

Data driven continuous curricular improvement enables schools to grow with their students, and evolve with the changes in education. With Atlas as the platform:

In developing Atlas, we are guided by the 6 Big Ideas of curriculum design: Collaboration, Transparency, Accountability, Integration, Knowledge Transfer, and Perspective. Watch to learn how Atlas supports these pillars of curriculum management:

Build a Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Design from a solid foundation that supports curriculum flexibility and the evolution of your curriculum processes. When using Atlas as the single platform for management, this foundation is based upon:

…an accessible and secure web-based system designed by educators to advance student achievement

your curriculum design methodology, such a UbD, IB, or any model you have in place

…your custom, state and national standards and assessment methods

…easy to interpret reporting and data transparency for continuous review and reflection

Tailor the Platform and Services to your Process

Whether you are creating curriculum centrally as a team to share with all teachers, or you’re a teacher trying to get organized, Atlas is individually configured to support your work:

Curriculum templates are designed to match your approach, and adapt as your process evolves.

Customize your Atlas dashboard to reflect relevant and dynamic reports, and track changes in the curriculum.

Develop and include your local standards, unpack existing sets such as Common Core, and identify your power standards.

Atlas comes with training and support for your implementation, customized to your process.

Simplify Analysis and Reporting for Informed Decisions

Data analysis and at-a-glance reports. Simple and robust tools for quick access to the information teachers and administrators need.

Target standards and learning outcomes. Ensure alignment to all targeted standards, and clearly see progress and which have been assessed.

Identify gaps and redundancies in the curriculum. Run quick comparative analysis reports across all your units to highlight where topics are being missed or addressed too often.


Foster Meaningful Conversations

In an effective curriculum process, the greatest value often comes from the conversations. Managing curriculum in Atlas encourages discussion when and where reflection needs to happen:

Identify opportunities for integration across disciplines with full transparency to what's being taught in any class.

Look across grade levels to make sure students are reaching learning targets for successful transitions.

See how classes have been previously taught by teachers from down the hall or across the world.

Create or join Professional Learning Communities, or share through an Atlas public site.

Explore Atlas with a custom trial or connect for a demo.

Adopted and Consensus Curriculum in Atlas

If you are writing curriculum collaboratively, as a district for example, that consensus or mandated curriculum can be made accessible to teachers.

Teachers then can reflect their instructional materials and strategies along side the read-only adopted curriculum.

As changes in the adopted curriculum are made, updated curriculum can be re-published to teachers without impacting individual or diary plans.

Universally Applicable and Feature Rich

Shared Units & Resources

Access a vast library of units created and shared by teachers from around the world.

Connect through Atlas PLCs

Collaborate with Atlas Learning Communities across schools in your network or globally.

Reflect your Curriculum Work

Your existing curriculum and related materials are installed with your Atlas system.

Standards Consulting

Work with our Standards team in writing, cross-walking, unpacking and prioritizing your local and national learning objectives.

Parent & Community Engagement

Share select elements of your curriculum with parents, accrediting organizations or other communities.

Mapping Resources

Map quality curriculum with supporting and inclusive resources and professional development.

Atlas Comes with Support for Building a Sustainable Curriculum Process

Planning and Requirements Consultation

We like to get it right the first time. When helping to develop a process (and a system) to match the needs of your program and students, we invest considerable time in gaining understanding of those objectives up front. Topics for these discussions include:

  • Outcomes, goals, and success criteria
  • Curriculum process, and template design
  • Core Leadership Team selection
  • Faculty implementation
  • Professional Development planning

Onsite and Online Training for Atlas Educators

Individualized training programs and support is available to every Atlas educator and included with your Atlas subscription. Training is tailored to your process and accessible in scheduled sessions and remotely on-demand:

Curriculum Engineering & Standards Services

Our team of dedicated standards experts track educational trends and policy and maintain over a 1000 sets of national, state and local standards. These frameworks are accessible in Atlas for direct alignment while developing curriculum units.

Ongoing Tech Support for Atlas Users

Behind Atlas and our users is dedicated team of technical and education experts. We are accessible by phone, email, skype…and if you’re in the area by drop in! We are your partners:

  • System and template modifications to support changes in your curricular processes
  • Supporting materials and training for Atlas software updates
  • Unlimited technical support for every Atlas user

Take a Look Inside Atlas

And, get a glimpse of some of our training and support resources our educators use in working with Atlas.

Navigate Atlas
Develop a Unit
Reports: Standards
Connect the stars between student performance and curriculum.

System Architecture & Integration

Security & Infrastructure

  • Web application. No install or hardware required.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Supports LDAP and SAML single sign-on authentication.
  • Language support.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) enabled.

Integrated and Plays Nicely


Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers:-)

What is Atlas?

Atlas is the industry leader in curriculum management systems and is used by thousands of schools around the world. Atlas is customizable, with planning templates uniquely designed for each school’s curriculum approach, and detailed reporting to help schools achieve curriculum goals.

What are the Benefits for teachers?

Atlas brings together the school’s community to support collaboration in curriculum design and review. Atlas teachers develop their own unique curriculum and easily align to standards and quickly share classroom best-practices with their colleagues.

Why should I choose Atlas?

As the trusted choice for education communities all over the globe, we understand the need for a custom curriculum management system that grows with you. More than just a repository, our system comes with incredible support and training for users to ensure engagement of stakeholders and a strong process.

What if we have a mandated curriculum, how do we work with you?

We work to ensure that in addition to supporting mandated curriculum processes, teachers can add their own curriculum design work to reflect differentiation and instructional strategies.

What about our Standards?

We have a dedicated Standards team that maintains national, international and consults on the design of local school standards. Along with our Standards Editing tool that facilitates the development, unpacking and identification of power standards, Atlas contains all the sets of learning outcomes your curriculum aligns to. Within the unit planners, teachers can target the specific standards and benchmarks alongside assessments and resources.

Do you offer free tech support to everyone using the system?

Absolutely! Our dedicated Support team is accessible by all modern means (eg. phone, email, Skype™) and for every time zone. In addition, our Professional Development team produces frequent free webinars on how to use Atlas and other curriculum design topics. Our educators on staff publish articles filled with stories from other educators, teaching resources and inspiration. We have PD events throughout the year and hosted around the world. Whether its technical support you need or ideas and resources for mapping quality curriculum, our Atlas educators are fully supported.

What do I need to run Atlas?

Atlas is a web-based application hosted on our servers. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a current web browser. We maintain regular backups of curriculum data, so you don’t have to. Additionally, we have an API, so all that hard work can be integrated into other systems.

How secure is my content in Atlas?

Your system is password protected and the data is backed up daily. You can always retrieve deleted content through recycle bins and activity logs accessible in your system.

What’s new?

We’ve integrated Atlas with Google Docs™ and Microsoft OneDrive™ as well as Single Sign and have created an API which is available when our clients need it. Our newest product, Pleiades, will allow schools to merge developed Curriculum with student test results for curriculum revision aimed at increased student performance.

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