Curriculum Development Starts with Atlas

Atlas is the curriculum planning solution tailored to the school or district and paired with customized learning programs for innovative pre K-12 curriculum leaders.

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Client Stories

How are schools and networks around the world using our products and services to support their curricular initiatives?

Candidly, Atlas is a great resource for people to take advantage of because you are never done and you are constantly revising ... it’s not even about the adults in that process, it is about the kids.

Curriculum Process Made Simple

Design curriculum frameworks, units, lessons, and instructional plans alongside and aligned with your learning targets and classroom resources.

Digital Curriculum

Custom templates are designed to match your approach and adapt as your process evolves.

Standards Alignment

Work with our standards team in writing, cross-walking, unpacking and prioritizing your local and national learning objectives.

Accreditation & Review

Simplify the accreditation and review process with your curriculum in one central location and accessible to the accrediting team.

Meaningful Conversations

Look across grade levels to make sure students are reaching learning targets for successful transitions

Analytics and Insights

With built-in analytics, easily run reports across your curriculum for gaps and redundancies, standards alignment, scope and sequence, and interdisciplinary connections.

Lesson Planner

Plan your daily classroom instruction and connect it to your curriculum by allowing easy alignment between units, lessons and standards.

Schedule a Live Atlas Demo

With just a few bits of information about your school or network, we can prepare a tailored trial of the Atlas system reflecting your pedagogy, standards, and even your local language.

We offer a variety of services for product implementation, training, and support.

Introduction to Atlas Webinar

Explore ways that Atlas can support your curriculum process -Run reports to learn how Atlas can support curriculum review

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Introducing Lesson Planning in Atlas Webinar

Review how lesson planning will fit into the bigger picture of unit planning & curriculum development Tour the lesson planning feature in Atlas and gain tips & tricks for adding your lessons.

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What is Atlas?

Atlas is the leading curriculum design and management system and is used by schools around the world. Atlas is customizable, with planning templates uniquely designed for each school’s curriculum approach, and Atlas also provides detailed reporting to help schools achieve curriculum goals.

What are the benefits for teachers?

Atlas brings together the school’s community to support collaboration in curriculum design and review.  Teachers using Atlas develop their own unique curriculum, easily align to standards, and quickly share classroom best-practices with their colleagues.

Why should I choose Atlas?

As the trusted choice for education communities all over the globe, we understand the need for a custom curriculum management system that grows with you. More than just a repository, our system comes with incredible support and training for users to ensure engagement of stakeholders and a strong process.

What if we have a mandated curriculum, how do we work with you?

We integrate the mandated curriculum into your school’s system, but also provide teachers the ability to personalize the curriculum with differentiation and instructional strategies.

What about our standards?

We have a dedicated standards team that maintains national and international sets of standards. They also consult on the design of local school standards. Along with our standards editing tool, which facilitates the development, unpacking, and identification of power standards, Atlas contains all the sets of learning outcomes your curriculum aligns to. Within the unit planners, teachers can target the specific standards and benchmarks and align assessments to standards.

Do you offer free tech support to everyone using the system?

Our dedicated Support team is accessible by all modern means (eg. phone, email, Skype™) and for every time zone. In addition, our Professional Development team produces frequent free webinars on how to use Atlas and other curriculum design topics. Our educators on staff publish articles on a range of topics, including curriculum process and writing and instructional strategies, written by educators in the field or our own in-house experts. We also have PD events throughout the year and hosted around the world. Whether its technical support you need or ideas and resources for mapping quality curriculum, our team is here to support you. Explore our online Support Manual for tutorials, FAQs, and more.

What technology or systems do I need…

Atlas is a web-based application hosted on our servers. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a current web browser. We maintain regular backups of curriculum data, so you don’t have to. Additionally, we have an API, so all that hard work can be integrated into other systems.

How secure is my content in Atlas?

Your system is password protected and the data is backed up daily. You can always retrieve deleted content through recycle bins and activity logs accessible in your system.

What’s new?

We’ve integrated Atlas with Google Docs™, Microsoft OneDrive™,  and SAML, and we have created an API that is available when our clients need it.

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