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Atlas Curriculum Design

Get to know the system chosen for curriculum design by educators and school organizations all over the world.

We are Guided by 6 Big Ideas of Curriculum Design

These big ideas are a cornerstone to advancing school processes around good curriculum design, and ultimately improving the learning experience for students.



Atlas provides a system for focused conversation. Communication within Atlas encourages sharing and dialogue about specific pieces of curriculum allowing everyone to be in the discussion without leaving their desks.


From discussion of critical thinking skills to what’s going on in another building, transparency builds trust and confidence that students will have a smooth journey through their educational experience.



Educators are collectively accountable as they engage in curriculum revision and renewal. Atlas puts data front and center to inform decisions allowing everyone to join in the conversation.



Atlas brings the curriculum journey of students into sharp focus, allowing integration across grades, between disciplines and with key academic standards. Gaps and redundancies disappear and student engagement is dramatically enhanced.



It has often been said that context is worth 80 IQ points. With relevant information just one click away, educators have the big picture right at hand making it possible to join and bring focus to the conversations.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Atlas is a knowledge transfer system. With relevant and comprehensive curriculum information at their fingertips, teachers can move from capturing the taught curriculum to engaging with the broader educational community.

Atlas was Designed and Built with Purpose

Simplify a Critical and Complex Process

Bring everything together.  Course goals, units of instruction, learning outcomes/standards, assessments, lessons, teaching resources and more all thoughtfully aligned and in one place.

Build effective units of instruction. Atlas aids the creation of aligned, ready-to-teach units and helps organize the resources needed to instruct them.

Gain immediate insight. Get real-time information while you’re designing, helping you make the tough decisions.

Make mandated learning expectations work for you.  Atlas simplifies unpacking, deconstructing, prioritizing and sequencing of standards or outcomes.

Be in control.  With full web-administration you can be in complete control of your process and every contributor’s role in it.

Learn more through a live demo or get access to a custom trial.

Tailor a Curriculum System to Your Curriculum Initiatives

Custom system configuration. Whether you are creating curriculum centrally as a team to share with all teachers, or you’re a teacher just trying to get better organized, Atlas can be configured to support your work.

Curriculum Templates to match your design approach. The way you design curriculum and the unit templates you need to do so will always be reflected in your system, even when they evolve.

Architected to support your processes. Types of curriculum, review cycles and adoption processes can also all be built in to support your most important processes.

Manage learning targets.  Atlas supports alignment with virtually any set of standards or outcomes, all managed by our team and placed neatly and intentionally in your system.

Map character development.  Give prominence to frequently hidden curriculum components critical to your student’s growth such as beliefs, values, and social-emotional learning skills.

Multiple languages supported.  Configure your view of the system in any of 14 different languages.

Connect the dots between student performance and curriculum.

Bring to Light Insight and Context

Immediate access to information. Easy-to-use reporting delivers quick access to the information you need, at the moment when you need it.

Comparative analysis of any curriculum. Scope and Sequences, curriculum comparisons, and side-by-side analyses are an automatic byproduct of designing curriculum in Atlas.

Target learning outcomes in real-time. Ensure full alignment to student learning outcomes via progress reporting and direct links to what’s missing or redundant.

Design your own portal to relevant activity. Personalize your dashboard to provide the insights you need, and watch improvements happen dynamically.

An image showing a sad girl wondering why she didn't get to learn about something and her friends did, but containing an image overlay, which is a screenshot from the Atlas system, which shows that, with Atlas, teachers know how to better help students.

Cultivate Meaningful Conversations Among Educators

Collaborate with colleagues.  Share reports, units, pacing guides, and much more to encourage collaboration and enhancement.

Connect with educators around the world.  Access exemplar units, professional networks, & unique PD offerings among a worldwide community of passionate educators.

Communicate with context.  Promote discussion around how to improve what kids learn with public comment feeds, private notes, and full email integration.

Know when changes occur.  Be alerted when changes that affect your students occur, based on your notification preferences.

Bring together the broader community.  Choose what to show via a public view and involve your broader educational community in curriculum design.