Curriculum Defined

Curriculum is a written articulation of what students will learn within each course and grade level.

Curriculum should reflect your school or districts culture, mission and vision.  Best practices are great but in order for them to have a lasting impact on student growth and teacher development you must couple them with time, resources and a great professional development plan.

Curriculum Mapping, also known as curriculum design, unit planning and curriculum documentation, is the process of capturing the written curriculum.

This process includes writing the curriculum, reviewing the curriculum maps based on student learning, and making updates to meet the needs of the learners.

Defining Curriculum Bike Hub

Curriculum Mapping Leads To Progress


From discussion of critical thinking skills to what’s going on in another building, transparency builds trust and confidence that students will have a smooth journey through their educational experience.


Educators are collectively accountable as they engage in curriculum revision and renewal. Atlas puts data front and center to inform decisions allowing everyone to join in the conversation.


Atlas provides a system for focused conversation. Communication within Atlas encourages sharing and dialogue about specific pieces of curriculum allowing everyone to be in the discussion without leaving their desks.

Knowledge Transfer

Atlas is a knowledge transfer system. With relevant and comprehensive curriculum information at their fingertips, teachers can move from capturing the taught curriculum to engaging with the broader educational community.


With relevant information just one click away, educators have the big picture right at hand making it possible to join and bring focus to the conversations.


Atlas brings the curriculum journey of students into sharp focus, allowing integration across grades, between disciplines and with key academic standards. Gaps and redundancies disappear and student engagement is dramatically enhanced.

These Six Big Ideas™ are a cornerstone to advancing school processes around good curriculum design, and ultimately improving the learning experience for students.

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