Stuffed animals are everything to kids. And for a little boy named George, his stuff animal dog, Pete, is his best buddy. But, George and Pete got separated in Walmart in Lafayette, Indiana and Pete was accidentally thrown into the store dumpster.

George and his family were anxious to recover Pete before the waste was taken to the landfill. Upon hearing this news on the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, the Rubicon team contacted the Walmart location to find out the status of the dumpster and compactor. Collaborating with Walmart and local waste and recycling hauler Best Way, the team was able to ensure that the Walmart compactor was taken to the landfill where it could be safely opened separate from other waste.

After two days of teamwork, Pete has been reunited with George.

“Rubicon would like to thank the Walmart team in Lafayette, Indiana for communicating with the family and accommodating this special compactor pick up,” said Michael Allegretti, Chief Strategy Officer at Rubicon. “Thank you to Best Way for managing the compactor transport, coordinating with the landfill, and for finding Pete among the trash, and thank you to the Tippecanoe County community for raising the alert and sending well wishes. All of us here at Rubicon are so happy that Pete is back home with George where he belongs.”