How the Cloud and IoT are Enabling Smart Waste Management in Our Cities

As communities recover from the pandemic, the common conception of “infrastructure” as “roads and bridges” has evolved to include a vast range of digital technologies. And local governments recognize the vital role of the cloud and the internet of things (IoT) in helping their cities become more sustainable, more fiscally responsible, and less wasteful going forward. The best smart city technologies will assist cities in transitioning to remote and agile work environments as part of a renewed or reimagined push towards resilience in the age of public health crises. Moving from responding to citizen complaints to anticipating citizen needs is the mantra of a smart city at all times, but especially during challenging times. This panel will demonstrate how city leaders are now leveraging new technologies within public works operations to reshape how municipalities serve their customers and to map a more circular economy for the future.


  • Conor Riffle, Senior Vice President of Smart Cities, Rubicon


Public Works Expo (PWX) 2022, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC


Monday August 29, 2022 at 2:00-2:50 p.m.