Resiliency in Cities: Our Nation’s Sanitation Workers on the Front Line Against COVID-19

When it comes to the adoption of new processes and tools to handle the logistics of a pandemic cities are on the front lines. In no public workstream are the challenges more apparent than in the essential, daily work of sanitation and waste disposal. How can municipal leaders and public works teams ensure that sanitation staff remain safe and productive in the face of public health crises and shrinking budgets? Michael Allegretti, Rubicon’s Chief Strategy Officer, will delve into the pandemic’s effects on our nation’s cities – specifically the management of waste and recycling solutions – and examine how technology can drive operational efficiency, staff safety and sustainability, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for all.

ESG Policies and Goal Setting in Today’s Pandemic

David Rachelson will be leading a conversation on how companies can incorporate ESG principles into their business model resiliency planning. Throughout the conversion Mr. Rachelson will offer common ground for the group to examine the industry standards, management frameworks, reporting methods, and stakeholder engagement central to successful ESG strategies. This discussion will also ask participants to review their current one, five, and ten year sustainability goals while looking through the lens of the on-going pandemic and associated challenges.

As the Principal Sponsor and Sustainability Partner for this year’s summit, Rubicon will be planting one tree for every Concordia 2020 attendee and one additional tree for every Sustainability Program participant. Working in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Rubicon’s tree donations will contribute to reforestation projects in the company’s home state of Georgia.

The loss of longleaf and shortleaf pine trees in Georgia have led to a decline in local wildlife and decline in area watersheds. Replanting these trees will help restore the natural ecosystem and return wildlife habitat including the gopher tortoise, white-tail deer, fox squirrel, and eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Rubicon tree donations will be planted in multiple wildlife management areas, including Ohoopee Dunes, Cabin Bluff Preserve, Chattahoochee Fall Line Preserve, and Dugdown Ridges & Paulding.

Every tree donation earned through Concordia Summit participation goes toward the Arbor Day Foundation’s commitment to plant nearly 290,000 trees in these Georgia wildlife areas and over 25 million trees worldwide in 2020 alone. As part of its “Time for Trees” initiative, the Foundation is working towards its goal of planting 100 million trees in forests and communities around the world by 2022.


2020 Concordia Annual Summit


  • Michael: Thursday, September 24, 2020: TIME TBC
  • David: Thursday, September 24, 2020: 3:00-4:00pm EST

About Rubicon

Rubicon is a software company that provides smart waste and recycling solutions for businesses and governments worldwide. Using technology to drive environmental innovation, the company helps turn businesses into more sustainable enterprises, and neighborhoods into greener and smarter places to live and work. Rubicon’s mission is to end waste, in all of its forms, by helping its partners find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals. Learn more at www.rubicon.com.