Rubicon announced July 20 the availability of RUBICONSmartCity on the Geotab Marketplace. Designed to improve service and reduce costs, RUBICONSmartCity equips city partners with a full-service software system for managing municipal waste and recycling collection in residential and commercial settings.

Waste and recycling collection is one of the largest annual expenses that city governments face. The data and insights collected by RUBICONSmartCity deliver direct taxpayer savings for cities. Cities such as Atlanta, Ga. have already realized over $750,000 in annual savings from deployment of the technology. Rubicon’s inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report highlighted the potential for over $200 million in taxpayer savings across a broad swath of American cities during a ten-year time horizon.

RUBICONSmartCity has been rolled out in more than 50 cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Ga.; Columbus, Ga.; Fort Collins, Colo.; Fort Smith, Ark.; Irving, Texas; Montgomery, Ala.; Norfolk, Va.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Santa Fe, N.M.; Spokane, Wash.; Tyler, Texas; and West Memphis, Ark. Through its partnership with Rubicon and the deployment of RUBICONSmartCity, the City of Montgomery, Ala. earned a coveted Smart 50 Award, a program which annually recognizes the 50 most transformative smart city projects across the world.

RUBICONSmartCity is available on the Geotab Marketplace here.