New York, NY – March 25, 2024​ – Rubicon Technologies, Inc. (“Rubicon” or the “Company”) (NYSE: RBT), a leading provider of technology solutions for waste, recycling, and fleet operations, today announced the official launch of its Technical Advisory Services (“TAS”) offering, empowering customers to achieve sustainability goals with tailored zero waste and circular economy solutions.

The TAS offering has been developed in direct response to customer demand for sustainability expertise and strategic guidance. There is no single path to sustainability, but some are more efficient than others—especially when it comes to hard-to-recycle materials (HTRM), logistical challenges, and ambitious zero waste goals. Companies of all sizes are facing tough sustainability decisions that directly impact procurement, operations, staffing, business costs, and environmental goals. This is where Rubicon’s TAS team can help. From materials management strategies to staff education and roll-out, Rubicon is leveraging data and experience to turn waste challenges into opportunities.

Rubicon’s team of subject matter experts is already partnering with customers on the research, strategy, and execution of several sustainability programs, including zero waste (also known as “sustainable materials management,” or SMM), site assessments, waste audits (also known as “material characterizations”), and broader sustainability programs. The Company prides itself on its ability to bring together deep industry expertise, creative solutions, and a vast network of partners working together to develop valuable circular economy solutions.

“Whether you are starting your sustainability journey or refining existing programs to be more efficient and effective, Rubicon’s Technical Advisory Services provide a foundation for success,” said Ryan Cooper, Vice President of Circular Economy Solutions at Rubicon. “Our TAS team works collaboratively with clients, hauling and processing partners, and their internal teams to ensure successful implementations for all stakeholders.”

Rubicon’s TAS team epitomizes collaboration and innovation, engaging with customers across sustainability, operations, and logistics departments to ensure successful and cost-effective implementations. The Company offers bespoke solutions to the complex challenges of end-of-life material streams, emphasizing the need for customized approaches in achieving circular solutions. This hands-on expertise begins in the field, tailoring strategies to the unique needs of each business, from storefronts to offices to kitchens, ensuring plans resonate with your specific sustainability goals and operations.

Rubicon’s network and integration capabilities across technology, commodities, and supply chains enable TAS to uncover scalable solutions that drive cost savings, improve operational efficiency, and enhance results for its customers. Rubicon’s TAS reaffirms the Company’s commitment to empowering clients with the tools and knowledge necessary for achieving ambitious sustainability goals through innovative, practical, and collaborative efforts.

For more information on how Rubicon is deploying its market-leading technology products and expert sustainability solutions to equip businesses, local governments, and haulers with the tools and software they need to support zero waste programs, improve diversion rates, and meet sustainability goals and regulations, visit the enterprises, governments, and haulers pages on the Company’s website.

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Rubicon builds AI-enabled technology products and provides expert sustainability solutions to waste generators, fleet operators, and material processors to help them understand, manage, and reduce waste. As a mission-driven company, Rubicon helps its customers improve operational efficiency, unlock economic value, and deliver better environmental outcomes. To learn more, visit

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