Details of the City of Montgomery’s experiences with Rubicon’s RUBICONSmartCity™ smart city technology offering were recently featured in The Municipal:

In June 2018, a pilot program was launched with Rubicon LLC for six months. “The software incorporates AI and machine learning into everyday sanitation processes to improve efficiency and service,” Waller shared. “This technology helps to optimize daily operations and ultimately find myriad efficiencies and thus cost savings from fleet and equipment repair costs to manpower and overtime.”

Following the successful pilot program, the sanitation department entered into a three-year agreement with Rubicon to equip over 60 municipal vehicles with this smart city software. The software includes a phone app so key metrics, such as service confirmations, missed pickups and issues at the curb, can be tracked. This allows the fleet management department to collect the data and track vehicle usage and maintenance needs in real time, preventing vehicle failure and other costly issues.

The phone app also allows the sanitation fleet to act as mobile data collectors with the ability to flag potholes and fallen limbs along their route.

“Rubicon is also one of our best examples of a department head and a cabinet member seeing a need, hearing about the company and then finding a way to test its solutions,” Waller described.