Details of Rubicon’s three-year smart city contract with the City of Montgomery, Alabama, which was announced by Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange at a press conference yesterday afternoon, were featured on WCOV News at Nine last night:

Here’s a transcript of the remarks:

Newscaster: “Montgomery garbage trucks are getting a little bit smarter. If you have any potholes or curbside issues in your Montgomery neighborhood, garbage trucks could soon be a problem solver. The capital city announced today a three-year agreement with a tech company, Rubicon, to bring this service to life. In short, when garbage trucks are going about their route, operators are monitoring technology attached to the trucks; spotting potholes, overgrown grass, and other eyesores. City workers will then be sent out to help fix those problems. Major Todd Strange says the technology will help save taxpayer money and create longer lasting roads.”

Mayor Todd Strange: “It’s going to make us a lot more efficient. It’s going to give us the opportunity to have eyes and ears that are out there in the community.”

You can read about the partnership in more detail in our press release.