Smart waste and recycling software leader brings together its local, national, and sustainable giving programs to create official community giving platform.

New York, NY (December 1, 2020) — Rubicon®, a software company that provides smart waste and recycling solutions to businesses and governments worldwide, today announced the launch of, the company’s official community giving platform.

Since Rubicon’s founding in 2008, the company has worked to address the growing global problem of the accumulation of waste and its increasingly damaging impact on the world. Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, a drive for innovation, and a passion for people, Rubicon has led the way in ending waste and helping to heal the planet. In that time, the company has also placed a great emphasis on community volunteering and giving, creating opportunities for its staff to dedicate time to helping local and national organizations with their social, environmental, and community-focused activities. is the manifestation of the company’s sincere belief in a people-centric and environmentally conscious society.

“ was created because we know we have a mission beyond commerce, and we want to leave a positive mark on the communities that we serve,” said Nate Morris, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Rubicon. “There are social and environmental problems that demand immediate action and we believe it is our duty to tackle those challenges. We sought out ways in which we could make a true human difference in the world, and with we will do our part to lift all communities and help them create a better, brighter, and more equitable future.”

At a local level, supports charities and social organizations that are working to address the problems faced by disadvantaged communities across the country. It also has established partnerships with national organizations to tackle the largest issues the country faces, such as its work with veteran’s group USA Cares, a partnership that stemmed from the recognition of the many sacrifices made by our veterans in order to bring safety and security to our homeland.

“Our mission at USA Cares is to ensure that veterans receive the support they need and deserve when they return home from service. The transition to civilian life can be difficult and complex, so we aim to help those who have given so much to our country to not only adjust to their new lives but to thrive in them,” said Trace Chesser, President and CEO of USA Cares. “We seek out partners who share our commitment to our veterans, and Rubicon embodies that very same dedication. At Rubicon, the support of our mission starts at the top and runs throughout the entire organization.” also dedicates time to supporting environmental initiatives such as the team’s partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. In keeping with Rubicon’s mission to end waste, in all of its forms, the company no longer creates branded corporate giveaways, opting to support the Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation efforts by planting trees in the name of customers and employees instead of distributing company swag, which could ultimately end up in landfills.

“Forests cover almost a third of the surface of our planet and many species—including and especially humans—rely on them for their very survival. At the Arbor Day Foundation we are fighting the myriad negative effects of deforestation on our natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and climate,” said Dan Lambe, President of the Arbor Day Foundation. “In Rubicon we have a partner that is dedicated to the preservation of our planet, and an ally in our fight to protect and restore forests all over the world.” is actively looking for opportunities to expand its network of giving partnerships and offers the opportunity for organizations to submit proposals via its website. The growth of is a primary focus in the coming years, and interested parties are encouraged to complete the website’s contact form to begin the application process.

“Giving is central to who we are, and our activities span a number of programs designed to make the most positive and broad-reaching impact possible,” said Morris. “The launch of brings structure and clarity to our community-focused work, and our goal is to create a healthier, safer, and more prosperous world for all humankind.”

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