In January, Ryan Cooper and Katie Kinnear of Rubicon® visited BioCycle’s office in Emmaus, Pennsylvania (PA), to learn more about our company’s history and to get our take on all things organics recycling — from source reduction to zero waste, with a focus on food. Rubicon is a technology company that provides smart waste and recycling solutions to businesses and governments worldwide. Cooper and Kinnear’s road trip in January involved taping interviews for an educational series about the many solutions for food waste, from composting to anaerobic digestion, from residential waste collection to commercial zero waste programs.

In addition to speaking with Nora Goldstein, Editor of BioCycle, the duo visited Brett Reinford at Reinford Farms in Mifflintown (PA), Eileen Banyra and her team at Community Compost in Kerhonkson, New York, and Alex Williams and his team at Blue Earth Compost in Hartford, Connecticut. Rubicon edited the footage into four “partner profiles,” which bring each company’s history and practices to life, and then additional videos that focus on the many facets of food waste and organics recycling, beginning with the fundamentals, e.g., EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy 101 with BioCycle and what is food waste and why it is important. Using Reinford Farms, Community Compost and Blue Earth Compost, the videos explain and provide operating tips about organics collection, composting and anaerobic digestion — giving viewers the opportunity to see these practices in action.

Two videos — “What is the Circular Economy” and “What is Zero Waste” — highlight how these concepts help frame what each of us, and our companies, do. Kudos to Rubicon for producing this well-executed educational series.