After 6-month pilot program, the city of Montgomery signs contract with Rubicon.

The city of Montgomery, Alabama, has selected Rubicon, Atlanta, to implement a smart city solution to improve residential and commercial waste and recycling services for its more than 200,000 citizens. Rubicon will equip the city with more than 60 vehicles that have RUBICONSmartCity technology to improve performance, reduce maintenance costs and enhance residential and commercial sanitation service.

The city piloted the RUBICONSmartCity platform for six months in 2018 and now chooses to move the program forward by creating a 3-year contract with Rubicon.

The RUBICONSmartCity platform includes a smartphone-based mobile app, a plug-in device and a web-based portal. The technology allows Montgomery’s Solid Waste Department to track metrics, including service confirmations, missed pickups and issues at the curb as well as vehicle usage and maintenance information. Rubicon says this leads to more efficient operations and ultimately improved service for its customers and citizens.

“The RUBICONSmartCity platform helps cities of all sizes leverage data to make smarter decisions about waste, recycling and city operations, leading to improvements in sustainability and quality of life …,” says Michael Allegretti, chief strategy officer at Rubicon. “[Through] piloting RUBICONSmartCity, the city of Montgomery was able to view and analyze data that is helping the city improve customer service and shape future policy decisions.”

Through its partnership with Rubicon, the city of Montgomery earned a Smart 50 Award, an award that recognizes the 50 most transformative smart city projects around the world annually.

“Not only are we saving staff time and taxpayer dollars with Rubicon, but this is an essential part of our overall smart city strategy since it ensures our sanitation and fleet organizations are working smarter, not harder, to enhance our residential and commercial services,” says Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. “It is another investment that will pay dividends for future growth and development by affecting overall quality of life in the ‘Capital of Dreams.’”

RUBICONSmartCity has been rolled out in more than 30 cities across the U.S., including Atlanta; Columbus, Georgia; Fort Collins, Colorado; Irving, Texas; Montgomery, Alabama; Norfolk, Virginia; Philadelphia; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Spokane, Washington; Tyler, Texas; and West Memphis, Arkansas.