Waste and recycling solutions for manufacturing and distribution.

Trusted by leading brands.
Get the best partner for the best price

Unlike other waste companies, we don’t own trucks, landfills or facilities. That means we’ll always choose partners that provide the best service and pricing, rather than force-fitting our own services. With our large buyer network, you can expect a cost reduction on spend and increased revenue on rebatable materials.
Experience greater efficiency with fewer disruptions

We develop customized, highly efficient and cost-effective waste programs specifically for our manufacturing partners. Our streamlined waste flow processes won’t cut into production time or create extra work for your employees, so they can focus on the task at hand.
Make things simple with our one-stop shop

You won’t have to worry about juggling waste and recycling contracts for multiple locations. With Rubicon’s customer app, RUBICONConnect, you’ll have one place to go to schedule service, review customized reports, and track recycling efforts. We use data and technology to analyze your waste and optimize your service, ensuring we never overservice or overcharge your business with unnecessary pickups.
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