Waste solutions for the hospitality industry

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Custom waste management for leisure and hospitality.

Discover a hospitality waste and recycling model aligned with your interests. Schedule waste pickups for
your hotels only when you need them. You’ll also see exactly how much your waste and recycling costs,
and track sustainability progress with our robust reporting.

Savings and transparency, hand-in-hand.

Get the same level of service from your waste and recycling provider that you give your own customers.
Our full-service waste management model helps you slash costs, keep more waste out of landfills, and
free your time to focus on running your hospitality business.

Fresh solutions for food waste in hospitality.

Don’t send leftovers to the landfill. Let us help finding solutions for your food, oil, and grease waste
that promotes environmental responsibility and creates new revenue streams for your business, including
donation, organic composting, and biofuels.

Safe, sustainable disposal.

Safely handle all your hospitality waste, and recycle more of what’s already in your trash bin. Our
certified vendors are equipped to manage appliances, light bulbs, electronics, construction/demolition
debris, and other one-off items.

All your waste and recycling needs handled by one team.

Consolidate Services
Consolidate management of waste and recycling services while also providing preventative maintenance and
emergency equipment repair programs.

Minimize Costs
Minimize costs, eliminate junk fees, and optimize service levels for maximum efficiency with our data
insights and analytic reviews.

Account Visibility
Provide 24/7 account visibility with a regularly updated dashboard that details diversion per site,
billing history, data trends and more.

Service Optimization
Organize SLA reviews, reporting, quarterly business reviews and planning sessions.

Best Practices
Supply materials that help educate and implement recycling best practices among residents.

Full Compliance
Ensure all customer locations are, and remain, in full compliance with local, state, and federal
regulations and recycling ordinance.

Control your costs, and your waste.

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"There are no hidden charges or extra fees with Rubicon, which wasn't the case with our old provider."

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