Oscar Salazar

Founding CTO, Uber Technologies Inc.

Oscar Salazar is one of the most influential figures in the modern tech industry. The founding architect and Chief Technology Officer of Uber Technologies Inc., Salazar was responsible for the creation of the initial prototypes for Uber’s customer app, driver app, and dispatch engine.

Salazar is also the founder of Citivox, Pager, and RIDE. Citivox is an international company designed to enable non-governmental organization (NGOs) and individuals to report and monitor electoral fraud, crime, and infrastructure problems. Pager is an Uber-like concept designed to connect patients with high quality health care providers. RIDE is an app that enables co-workers to carpool to work.

Salazar graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Universidad de Colima in Mexico. He later earned a M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Calgary in Canada, and a Ph.D. in Telecommunications from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications in Paris, France.

Prior Experience
  • Uber Technologies Inc.
  • Citivox
  • Pager
  • RIDE