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Videos / Implementing the RUBICONMethod with Upstairs Atlanta

Implementing the RUBICONMethod with Upstairs Atlanta


David Rachelson: Rubicon’s mission is to end waste and in order to do that, we’ve put our best practices into a guide that we call, The Rubicon Method.

It is six steps [00:00:30] to a successful waste reduction and recycling program. It uses the acronym DIVERT, which is what we’re ultimately trying to do; divert materials from the landfill.

Kyle Rubis: Here at Upstairs Atlanta we’re an event space. We do weddings, social events, corporate parties. We have a lot of people gathering, a lot of people celebrating, and that creates a lot of waste.

During events, people would often [00:01:00] come up to the bar and say, “Can I recycle this? Do you guys recycle?” Unfortunately, we didn’t. We’d have to tell them, “No.” It got to the point where our bartenders were taking stacks of cups home with them and recycling them themselves. We wanted to cut down on that, so we knew that we needed to recycle. We knew that we wanted to have a good impact on the environment, but we just always assumed that it was going to be more expensive.

Rubicon reached out to us and said, “Do you want to be a part of our makeover,” where they [00:01:30] were going to turn a small business, like us, into one that just had trash service into on that had recycling, compost, and trash.

David Rachelson: We’re honored to be partnering with Upstairs Atlanta to implement the Rubicon Method. In doing so, we’ve cut their landfill volume in half. We’ve introduced mixed recycling and compost program. The environmental impact [00:02:00] has been very significant. The Rubicon Method is certainly applicable to all types of businesses; Fortune 50, Fortune 1000. But what we wanted to show was that the Rubicon Method has a lot of use on Main Street. The small business that wants to do the right thing, but that sometimes doesn’t know how to do it, certainly, as it relates to waste reduction and recycling.

What we set out to do is work with Upstairs Atlanta to implement the [00:02:30] Rubicon Method and to demonstrate, together, with them to all small businesses throughout the U.S. that it is doable. That with little, or limited, effort to implement a waste reduction recycling program that will be to the benefit of not only the environment but certainly the customer base that businesses are trying to attract and also the bottom line.

Kyle Rubis: After [00:03:00] Rubicon showed us the new bins that we would have, and the new service we would have, we were surprised to find out that it was actually cheaper. So it’s saving us money, which was really great, made us feel great. Now, when guests come up with bottles and ask if we recycle, we proudly say, “Of course, we do.”