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Powerful partnerships to grow your business

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Whether you opt to deliver Rubicon services or stay independent, you’ll have access to technologies for more efficient, sustainable, and safe operations.


As a hauler partner, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver a multitude of waste and recycling solutions on Rubicon’s behalf.


Through our buying program, you’ll have access to discounts and preferred rates on products and services essential to your business.


An all-in-one fleet management system

Our suite of solutions enables you to continuously and accurately monitor a multitude of performance and safety metrics and apply the resulting insights to optimize your operations.
Our tech solutions


Join our network

A seamless system for fleet management and business development, RUBICONPro™ enables you to improve your operations while growing your bottom line.

Our services


We’ll be your partner, provider, or both

RUBICONSelect is a program designed specifically for haulers providing waste and recycling services on Rubicon’s behalf. Members gain access to a 90-day free trial of our technology products, plus better pricing and terms on fleet solutions from providers across the country.

  • New opportunities to quickly grow your business
  • Advanced technologies to enhance the performance and safety of your fleet
  • Exclusive discounts on fuel, equipment, and more
Our discounts
Global reach

Expanding our hauler network across borders

Facing increasing demand for our services worldwide, we’re working actively to establish partnerships and deploy our technology with hauler fleets everywhere.

Our global solutions

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