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Solutions for haulers

A powerful partnership and technology to enhance your operations


We’ll be your partner, provider, or both

RUBICONSelect is a program designed specifically for haulers providing waste and recycling services on Rubicon’s behalf. Members gain access to a 90-day free trial of our technology products, plus better pricing and terms on fleet solutions from providers across the country.

  • New opportunities to quickly grow your business
  • Advanced technologies to enhance the performance and safety of your fleet
  • Exclusive discounts on fuel, equipment, and more

Partnership process

Market research

When customer needs lead us into a new region, we perform extensive research on the area, including the business environment, competing providers, landfills, potential vendors, and more.

Partnership process

We contact the hauler

When we identify a hauler that looks like a promising partner, we contact the company directly to find out if they have the service capabilities we need—and if they’re interested in partnering.

Partnership process

The hauler contacts us

Sometimes a hauler will call or email us to make their availability known and to learn more about Rubicon and our needs. This can happen in an area in which we’re already operating or in an area we’re just entering.

Partnership process

Onboarding and ongoing support

Once a partnership has begun, we get the hauler team hooked up with our technologies, trained on how to use them, and knowledgeable about all things Rubicon. From then on, since we’re continuously connected, support is always just a click or a call away.

Global reach

Expanding our hauler network across borders

Facing increasing demand for our services worldwide, we’re working actively to establish partnerships and deploy our technology with hauler fleets everywhere.

Our global solutions

Engagement opportunities

What we offer


As a hauler partner, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver a multitude of waste and recycling solutions on Rubicon’s behalf.


Whether you opt to deliver Rubicon services or stay independent, you’ll have access to technologies for more efficient, sustainable, and safe operations.


Through our buying program, you’ll have access to discounts and preferred rates on products and services essential to your business.

Hauler portal


A seamless system for fleet performance, RUBICONPro enables you to track vehicle and driver performance through a single, customizable dashboard that turns information into action-oriented insights in real time.

  • Accept new business
  • View scheduled work orders
  • Respond to current work orders in 20 seconds or less
  • Receive transparent work order status documentation

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