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Creating a culture around sustainability.

Learn how haulers around the country are partnering with Rubicon to proactively divert waste and enhance their sustainability efforts.


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Skippack, PA

American Biosoils and Compost

“We are both committed to diverting waste streams, specifically organics (compostable materials), to create value-added products. Like Rubicon, the diversion of materials away from the landfill is our number one goal as a company.”

Edward “Ned” Foley

Managing Partner

Charlotte, NC

Meridian Waste

“We understand that solid waste and recycling collections, processing, and disposal is a vital infrastructure asset in any and all communities and must be managed with the utmost respect and care. We provide a core health and human service and are proud to be called garbage men and women. Along with Rubicon, our goal is to provide environmentally sustainable solutions to our customers to address the waste that we as a country generate on a daily basis in a safe and compliant manner, and to help identify economically viable solutions to preserving natural resources in our collection and processing operations, and in how we manage our facilities and equipment.”

Mary M. O’Brien

Chief Marketing Officer

Tulsa, OK

Full Sun Composting

“We launched Full Sun because we knew that there were so many reasons to keep organics in the food cycle. In Oklahoma, there’s no shortage of land and its cheap to get rid of trash. That’s been a challenge for the composting industry, but there’s growing interest in developing sustainable waste reduction models.”

Natalie Mallory

Owner and Operator

Linwood, NY

Natural Upcycling

We are trying to build a more sustainable future for our community by connecting food waste generators with those facilities most able to efficiently recycle or repurpose organic waste. We follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Food Recovery Hierarchy when it comes to allocating that food waste to the appropriate destination. Most of the food waste that we collect goes either to anaerobic digestion or compost.”

Chris Noble

General Manager

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Champion Waste & Recycling Services

We believe that through education and designing the right diversion programs we can achieve a more realistic recycling goal which will help us move toward the circular economy. We feel that the key is to educate our customers on the importance of reducing our waste, followed by the potential to reuse products and materials. Education and development of end markets is the single most important thing we can do as recyclers and processors. If opportunities do not exist for products to be recycled it becomes even more important to reduce and reuse.”

Paul Kuhar

Vice President

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