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Hauler Partner: Acadiana Waste Services | Rubicon


[00:07] My name is Bradley McDonald. I’m co-owner and operations manager of Acadiana Waste Services based in Broussard, Louisiana. We’re a locally owned and operated solid waste management company servicing south and central Louisiana and southeast Texas. Our business started in the Lafayette, Louisiana market and it was always our intent to grow the business into different markets as opportunities presented themselves. Once we partnered with Rubicon, Rubicon really allowed us to expand into areas much sooner than we had anticipated. They’ve really opened up markets to us, given us access to national accounts that we would have had trouble getting into otherwise.

[00:49] Rubicon has provided us with iPhones that have the Rubicon app loaded onto them so the driver is actually able to use the navigation function from the app on the phone to navigate the most efficient manner possible from stop to stop. The Rubicon technology has really helped us to stay efficient in onboarding the number of new customers that we’re onboarding on a weekly and monthly basis. Before we were using the technology I had to call the driver to see where he was on the route, but now with the technology I have access to a portal where I can log in at any time and see exactly where the truck is working, how fast the truck is going, if the truck has been idle for some time.

[01:31] I can monitor certain variables without having to contact and disrupt the driver. That’s one of the biggest things that we’ve experienced is that it’s given us more real time information from off the route, that way we can make better management decisions with our route. Since the beginning of my relationship and our relationship with Rubicon, I’ve been a big advocate, major proponent of theirs. It’s really a vast array of offerings that they’re offering to small hauler. I very much recommend any hauler that may want to take a look at partnering with Rubicon, it’s been very much a positive experience for us. I’d highly recommend it.