Grocery waste and recycling management

Savings down every aisle

Rubicon delivers a cost-efficient, sustainable solution for grocery store waste—from food scraps to packaging to manufacturing materials (and everything in between). Whether you’re a national chain or a mom-and-pop shop, our technology can help foodservice companies of all sizes reduce costs and improve sustainability efforts.

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Grocery waste management made simple

From food waste to plastics, no matter what’s in your grocery store’s bin, we know what to do with it. We offer customized grocery store food waste and recycling services that are tailored specifically to your business and sustainability goals. Our customer portal will show you detailed metrics by waste type and time period so you can see every piece of waste you’ve recycled.
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Your waste management one-stop-shop

All of your grocery store’s food waste and recycling needs will be handled by one dedicated team. In doing so, we’ll minimize costs, optimize services, and consolidate your billing, all while utilizing industry best practices to ensure your grocery store locations are in full compliance.
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