Waste and recycling solutions for grocers.

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Take control of your waste

It’s become common practice for waste management companies to simply put their customers on a scheduled route, servicing them whether their waste containers are full or not. As a result, many waste containers are not full when serviced. Instead of over-charging you with unnecessary pickups, we optimize pickup frequency to match your waste volume. Not only can this be less expensive, it’s also reducing the environmental footprint.
Stop sending leftovers to landfills

Food waste makes up over 20 percent of all landfill waste. While scary, it’s even more terrifying to know that some food waste produces gas that impacts the environment. We can help your business be a part of the solution, not the problem. For starters, we’ll help implement organics recycling, including natural waste products like food scraps, used oil, and grease - helping your business divert waste from landfills.
Opportunities down every aisle

Rubicon delivers a cost-efficient, sustainable solution for grocery store waste, from food scraps to manufacturing materials and everything in between. Whether a national chain or a mom-and-pop shop, Rubicon technology can help food service companies of all sizes reduce costs and improve sustainability efforts.
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