Solving global waste challenges using technology.

Rubicon is working with businesses and city governments around the world to help them join our mission to end waste in all of its forms.

Why Rubicon


Our technology-based SaaS solution uses data born
from artificial intelligence to bring visibility to waste
and recycling streams.


Our mission to end waste in all of its forms influences
all that we do, from developing sustainable
ecosystems to forging cleaner, greener, and more
sustainable cities.


Discover the cost savings and customer retention
possibilities, while doing your part for the
environment and the planet as a whole.

Join our global network

Renaud de Viel Castel is responsible for building relationships with environmental solutions companies and developing innovative partnerships with businesses and governments around the world, with a focus on promoting Rubicon’s mission to end waste through zero-waste, landfill diversion, and smart city solutions. If you represent a business or city government outside of the United States that is looking for waste and recycling solutions, reach out to Renaud below.


“Rubicon is seen by Odakyu Group as an innovator in the category of waste and recycling, and will bring tremendous insight, strategy, and technological expertise to help bring to life the circular economy in Japan”

Masashi Hisatomi

General Manager of Management Strategy
Odakyu Electric Railway, Odakyu Group


“Helvetia Environnement is committed to bringing innovative sustainability solutions and best-in-class technology to its growing customer base. We are excited to see Rubicon’s technology allow us to digitize our logistics and administrative processes for our key account customers.”

Vincent Chapel

CEO, Helvetia Environnement


“ Viel Castel has been tasked with ‘forming international relationships with haulers and developing innovative partnerships with commercial and government customers across the globe.’ This will include pitching Rubicon's zero-waste methodology, customer solution technology platforms, and smart city technology suite.”



“By partnering with Rubicon, Odakyu will utilize Rubicon’s technology to help develop a sustainable ecosystem for all of its operating businesses.”


Rubicon Uses Technology to Solve Global Waste and Recycling Challenges

Using technology to drive environmental innovation, Rubicon helps turn businesses into more sustainable enterprises, and neighborhoods into greener and smarter places to live and work.

Swiss Waste Company Signs Technology Agreement

Helvetia Environnement will use Rubicon’s platform of both in-vehicle and fleet management dashboard technology to uncover cost savings.

Japan’s Odakyu Group Partners with Rubicon

Rubicon recently announced a partnership with Odakyu Group out of Tokyo, Japan. Odakyu will utilize Rubicon’s technology to help develop a sustainable ecosystem for all of its operating businesses.

Rubicon Signs EPA’s America Recycles Pledge

The America Recycles Pledge works toward a more resilient materials economy to improve America’s recycling system. Rubicon is an early adopter of the Pledge, as one of the first 75 companies or agencies across the country to sign on.