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Positioned at the frontlines of the war on waste, cities need more efficient and circular practices to meet the demands on infrastructure and the natural environment. Rubicon is ready to put our technology to use to meet this challenge, and it begins with our work outfitting the cities of the future with sanitation and recycling systems that are responsive in real-time and enabled with smart technologies.

Our RUBICONSmartCity™ technology consists of an in-cab interface and a small device that plugs into the diagnostic port within the vehicle. Together, these technologies collect thousands of data points that are transmitted in near-real-time back to a web-based management portal, generating insights and potential improvements.

The data and insights collected by RUBICONSmartCity translate into direct savings for cities. In Atlanta, Georgia, our software platform identified an opportunity to save the city and its taxpayers money while speeding up their efforts to achieve waste reduction goals.

By adjusting the city’s solid waste service schedule from four to five days, decreasing the total amount of trash routes per day, and balancing the number of hours driven among drivers, RUBICONSmartCity helped Atlanta save up to $783,453 annually.



saved annually by Atlanta after RUBICONSmartCity rollout

Since 2017, we have expanded the reach of our software to over 45 cities across the United States and around the world. As part of our B Corp commitment, we charge nothing to cities who want access to our software as part of a pilot partnership program.

We also continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries of technology to make it even easier for cities to realize cost savings, improve customer service, and divert more waste from landfills.